Please Move To The Nearest Exit

Let me start by saying, I work at a hospital...let me further this by saying I work at a research hospital. When the fire alarm goes one pays attention. It's not like it said, oh sorry we are testing the system. No, that is a real fire, happens all the time. The hospital is huge and so chances are you are no where near the area where the fire is but as I was sitting eating my lunch and people watching it went one even looked up or changed their behavior in anyway. I am guilty of it as well. In hitchhikers guide to the galaxy the fire alarm get's trapped in the Someone else's problem field and can't seem to get out. :P
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Yep, you can design a system to perfectly protect someone, but you can't get someone to perfectly use the system. or even give a $&!@ about the multi-million dollar thing you just designed to save their *** or make their life easier.

Someone else's problem fields are everywhere. watch out or you will bump into one!

Yikes! Somebody needs to be responsible for safety in the building. Send him/her this story. If there isn't a named person responsible for safety, start a complaint campaign until someone is hired.