Want And Need

Something that's come to my attention recently is the human inability to make the conscious differentiation between things we want and the things that we need.

So what's the difference? I think this definitely falls into the category of personal opinion, however in my own opinion about it, I think that needing something only really benefits the "needer" in some sort of compensation/self reassurance sort of way. It could be something as simple as getting a better car or T.V. in order to boost your ego and reassure yourself that you're a successful and happy person leading a good life. You may not need a new car or T.V. but you feel that they are necessary to prove you have a purposeful existence to everyone as well as to yourself.

This can be applied to most everything in our life but one of the most blurred scenarios is the want or need for someone. Emotion is the biggest influential factor in this struggle and for most people it can be hard to set emotions aside in order to look at a situation for what it is and make your own decision about it. It's hard to tell if you need someone or if you want them. There might not seem like a big difference, but there is, trust me.

For instance, if someone needed you because with the addition of you in there life they can remove loneliness from there life, they no longer have to worry about fear of rejection since they've already been accepted, life's burdens are lighter because they can be divided between the two of you and therefore the needer experiences a less stressful and obligated life.

It's not really all that bad, but the key difference between needing someone and wanting someone is love. I'm sure there are people who will say,"well you can love someone and need them simultaneously". Can you really though?

When you want someone, you don't just want them as an positive addition to better your life, you want them because you want them. Whether your life becomes easier or tougher because of it you still want them. You want there personality, you appreciate there presence, you don't take there body and affection for granted. When you want someone, you love someone.

Love may not have reason or be logical, but I'd never want to live a life without it.

Look at the relationships in your life and ask yourself if you want or need them. I know there are things in everyone's life that they need and don't necessarily want but people should at least make sure the major parts of there life are things they want and not just things they think they need.

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Interesting perspectives.

Thank you. I love your art by the way. I'm looking forward to reading your stories hah.

Why thank you :) It's been months since I made any, been dealing with a killer artblock...will need to remedy that somehow. I hope you enjoy my stories got plenty :)

I totally get the art block thing. And I'm sure I will hah.


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:) You brought up an amazing point!

Thank you very much. I tend to over analyze things going on in my life but when I make a full circle it usually makes for an interesting point of view.

I have a tendency to over-think, and over-analyze too. I think balance is key. You can want a person and need them at the same time. When one is greater than the other than that's when it becomes a problem.
I personally don't want someone because I need them, I want them because I want them. Or maybe, I really do need them too? To get me out of my own loneliness or something. I don't know.

That's where it blurs. Wanting someone and having them will result in getting you out of your loneliness however, needing them for that purpose is where you might start taking them for granted. Just my view on it.

You're right, it gets complicated later on.

Hah it's not so bad though. That's just the over analyzing part of it. Truly wanting someone and having them is a great, great thing. Sincerely

:) Indeed my friend.

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