Look Beneath The Human Vessel

I'm intrigued by humans and who we put on pedestals. We glamorize people that are not kind to others. Simply because they are good looking or rich. We make fun of the "geeks" and "dorks" but the girl with the terrible personality/pretty face gets treated very well.
It's strange how humans judge just on the human vessel. Not whats on the inside. I treat everyone equal because i'm wise enough to realize that the human vessel is temporary. Think of life on Earth as an illusion. What does the soul of your crush look like? What do they really look like? Just remember the next time you judge, look beneath the human vessel. Like I said in my last story : You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You HAVE a body.
goldenaura goldenaura
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

This is the way of the world,we are in a very dense astral level,this is where we learn our hardest lessons,in this dimension,people fear what they do not understand,if they sense you are different they will fear you and often have negative reactions towards you,you are very spiritual for a woman your age,you have had many lives,have been through many trials, you have been put on this earth to share and elevate the level of spirituality on this earth and it will not be a small task but is is necessary.Take care.

Thank you for your kind words. I was very touched by the end of your reply. I have been through many trials. This is my first time on this particular planet though. Which is probably why I am so intrigued by human behavior. Your comment gave me chills because I have been notified about my purpose on Earth and you came very close to explaining it. People think that the only way to be wise is by old human age but knowledge of the soul is timeless. Adults believe that because I am young, I do not understand what spirituality is about. When really, human age is a small factor. My soul has been through a lot. Thank you for recognizing my potential and purpose. Take care.