The Blocking Game

At the end of this month, will be my 3rd anniversary here at EP. I take long vacations from EP, but always come back.

In this three years, I have blocked people from contacting me, either because they are looking for sex, or because their nasty avatars.

But... I have never been block by someone, as far as I know TILL yesterday,

Is very funny how this happen. First, she posted some comments on one of story, when I replied to her comments, I guess she did not like it, so she  decided to send me a message with this big announcement that said:  "I am going to block you"

I thought this was funny, why someone will announce you that you will be block? She was not in my circle and I did not know anything about her till then. I never read any of her stories or answered any of her questions. Why she did not go and bloced, and move on instead of letting me know?

I guess I need to know more about this blocking game announcement.
As Silly as it sounds.

I am Fascinated by human behavoir, and I never stop feeling surprised!!


MyNameIsCecilia MyNameIsCecilia
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Great post Funny :)

Blocking mystifies me.

I'd block you too if I knew you block people because of their avatars. That, ma'am, is silly.

Welcome to this silly game. I will never block with an avatar as nice as yours. I block avatars with gentitals.

lol I'm just teasing - I'm not the EP police ;) Block away however! I thought Arsineh et al would ban people for having genitals as their avi no?

I do not flag them, and there are plenty of them here at EP. I respect, if they want to show their genitals, is ok but not to me, I am not here for this. :)