You know that feeling you have when you bring your girlfriend to a birthday party for a friend and a lot friends she hasn't met before, and only of them talks to her? That was a long question. This happened before when I were dating my ex wife. And now I'm not interested in her, but it seem rather rude and it ticked me off every time I would bring her around my friends from college most of them would not talk to her. Now I had been to college for a long time and I thanked one of my colleagues, once, his name is Jeff Hickle and he's a neat guy. But it's just weird when we had seperate friends I guess it's normal. I didn't get along all of her friends some of them I did. But well most of them but a small group of friends I couldn't be friends with because we didn't have a lot in common and they're goofy. I love people though and I try to always find the good in them.
notuh notuh
31-35, M
Aug 16, 2014