my grandma told my dad I need a psychiatrist because I'm 19 and I've never been in a serious relationship. I'm so hurt and confused.
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my dad wanted to send me to a depression rehab and my grandma called me fat. im only 12. my thought is that some people get it, some don't

Tell the old bat she needs to get laid. At your age you should be having fun and concentrating on school. Gradulate college and work on your career so when the time is right you will want a man and not need a man for your survial. Don't let anyone let you feel less than what you are. At this point in time the last thing you need is some momma's boy who will distract you from your goals. Have fun, date and keep it light not serious and tell grandma that its 2014 and the bush is dead !!

Your very young. don't be concerned until your 25-30. relationships are
hard to find. my son is now 29 and between relationships I say he was a year. now he is with someone, but will it be temporary. ya. joanne

Well then.... .-. That's....weird.

Granny is the one that needs the shrink!

That's awful

That's ok! A lot of people haven't been in serious relationships at 19 that's not abnormal haha don't worry 😊

That's ridiculous! And good for you. Your youth should be spent finding YOURSELF. Maybe you can talk to her from your heart and try to understand each other. Or just shrug it off's ridiculous!!

her ideas are based on her upbringing not yours she is stating a fact that was true during her youth not yours... you must decide .... what do you want?