Has anyone else noticed the complete lack of spatial awareness of some people? People just wander around in their own world not looking where they're going and plow right into you. More often than not, they don't even bother to say sorry.
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I encounter this most often in the supermarket. People will stop in the middle of the aisle with no clue that they're blocking traffic. They're in their own little worlds and have no concern (or consciousness) of anyone else around them.

Yes in Europe the dudes did it more. In America just the women do it. I walk faster than most people, and when I get to a group or family taking up the whole street, they usually hear me approach from behind and make space. BUT if it is a group of women, click clacking down the street, they don't fricken move.

Give them a phone and any brain cells they may have disappear. So many just push prams or pushchairs out into the road with out looking. Supermarkets send me demented seems as soon as I want a product someone materializes from nowhere and takes it.

I know! Shopping in general sends chills down my spine.

Clothes shopping I aim for something my size when someone just takes it and when I look I see why......they need all the garments in that style to make one that fits them.

It's a nightmare for me because my size always goes first, leaving me with size 8s and 10s which I couldn't get one thigh into.

I'm about size 12 but everywhere sizes differently.

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Nothing to do with texting on their phone at the time? That's not a lack of spatial awareness, thats a lack of situational awareness.

Having a nice little chat with another shopper. Grrr!

We were just taking about this yesterday. I feel invisible sometimes.

Yes! !!!

I am the person they plow right into, but I see them coming and firm up. They get a bit of a jolt :)

I'm considering carrying a shield everywhere I go.

Usually while texting on their phones......aaaggghhhhhh