I'm taking some psychology classes and wow! My new favorite class. Made me start thinking about maybe a future with psyc. I find it so fascinating. Currently I'm doing a project on understanding prejudice.
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That sounds pretty interesting. I have always thought it comes from fear

Here's my personal experience with prejudice...


Thank you for sharing! What strength and courage lol

The future is very much not psychology, because it is not a hard science. Psychologists flatter themselves with the idea that it is, but I suspect that they are as aware as I that the subject has exceedingly limited practical application.

The professor is doing her job...

Doing something in Social work or Human Services will land you a job. Psych, not so much.

I agree. Sociology is similiar, I found it interesting

Interview some older people. The young don't advocate prejudice as much as we do:)

Go to my profile, and find my story: I loved a sociopath. Some real-world application. Might be good for a paper or essay. If you need an interview, contact me. I have LOTS more information, and sources. Enjoy your class !

Yeah, it's an interesting subject. One of the few classes where I wasn't bored.

A lot of factors figure in. Cool subject for a project.

I like psychology and sociology a lot, and will be taking a class on both this year. I hope I like my class as much as you seem to.