I was born with many weird gifts. One was a Birthmark that was "imprinted" on me by my mother when she was pregnant, during a Solor Eclipse....
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What premonitions do you get?


Birthmark are cool as ****!

'Psychologically imprinted', so she tattooed you at birth? That is a form of child abuse, but then again, so is circumcising a baby boy for reasons unbeknownst to the infant.

No lol legend had it. If your pregnant during a solar eclipse and the mother decides to touch her body "while the eclipse is happening" the baby will be born with a mole/birthmark" well my moms test of faith worked. And the same spot she touched I was born with a Mole

Gotcha. Ok remember then that humans are pattern seeking mammals and will tie things together to make sense. For example the front of a car looks like a face. Or people look at clouds and make images. Gullibility and credulity are frowned on in every area of life, except religion. Enjoy your maternal blessing and enjoy your life now. Sentimentality goes a long way.

Her mom did the same to her and so on. It's real and I'm proof

he said "when she was pregnant", not "when i was born".

i'm thinking of a scene where a pregnant woman gets to a solar eclipse sighting, exposes her belly to the eclipsed sun.. the day turns into a night for a few minutes.. beautiful sight of a corona around the eclipsed son, everyone looking in awe.. then it ends, the day returns...
after a while the baby boy is born.. he has a curious birthmark under his right shoulderblade - a sharpe inner circle with fuzzy outside edges, and it kind of resembles the corona around the eclipsed sun.

The myth about that birthmark being imprinted intentionally is created.. along with a great romantic story for a teenage boy to tell when he's alone with a girl, lying somewhere in the grass, looking at the sky/stars :)


With respect, at your age, espousing falsehoods is certainly being on the road to puerility. Yes, I know when one wishes to bedazzle a female, using mystique often works, but if you worked in politics, then I would be worried.

damn.. you made me google out a few words :)

ah, but it's not falsehood.. it's when both parties agree to not nitpick over details and just use a nice story to reach a common goal.
Like saying that because we both saw a cat this morning we must be soulmates, or because we both dreamt eating something we should go to lunch together or when people compare daily horoscopes and conclude.. something :)
They both know none of it is true, but they both want to.. explore things further so they can continue the story... :)

no politics for me, you can be at ease :)

I never believed my mom until I started to research....boy was I confused....but having my ancestors claim to be one of the Lost tribe of Israel also blew my mind, yet evidence dna shows Afghanistan most probable

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That seriously sounds awesome!

Thanks. I have premonitions