We don't need friends to survive but why do we crave approval from others so much
laxprincess laxprincess
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because we do need people to survive, humans are meant to be a tribe to be able to share the work, provide for each other with different roles. I think we naturally want to be accepted by other people because if you are being accepted it makes you feel loved and useful. You matter to someone else and so it gives you a sense of being wanted. The good thing to remember though is who you are wanted to be accepted by and if that group of people or person are they type that are positive for you to be around and loved by.

It's instinctual and part of one of our two basic drives according to Psychodynamic theory. Unless you're extremely introverted like myself you need friends to function.

It's true, we don't need friends to survive, but life isn't just about survival. Belongingness is a need for many people.