Don't ever be afraid of asking for what you want. You'd be AMAZED at what people will do for you simply by you asking!!
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You win some and you lose some. Never hurts to ask anyway!

I totally agree. Two stories:

My daughter won academic scholarships to 2 colleges, but wanted to go to a different school. I called the third school and asked for a merit scholarship over the phone. A week later, we received an award acknowledgement.

Also... 4 years ago, I made a huge mistake by putting a down payment on a time share. My husband freaked out, and told me he did not want to make the purchase, this causing us to lose the initial investment. Last year, I sent a letter asking for my full deposit back, and they returned it today. What!?!? That never happens. I'm so thankful.

We may not always get what we ask for, but if we never ask, the answer is usually no.

Well said!!!

It's true!

Can i borrow $20? Hope you know what kind of borrowing i am implying though *ahem*

The long term kind of borrowing I would assume?!? Haha!

Humans as a whole are interesting to observe. We all make such interesting descions and...well choices.