Everyday I see people post their experience about they are lonely, they have no friends, they want someone to talk to, they are lost etc...

I try to reach out to as many of these people as I can as I understand what they have or are going through.

What shocks me as how many 5% of the people respond. If you are on here and crying out for help and someone offers why disregard them?

I don't know.. Makes me not want to bother.
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Well, it's not likely that people who are going through depression and anxiety also have superb communication skills at that time.

Obviously you don't really understand what depression can be like for some people. To feel like you need to connect but can't, ask for help you want then refuse. Anxiety often plays a large part in the mixture! Do you know how many times I've seen a therapist one or two times, even though I've had insurance for years and depression for as long as I can remember? You're doing the right thing by reaching out, but these comments that they want to be depressed simply because they don't accept help that they need (even ask for) are insulting. Some people have trouble accepting help or talking, even if they want to so badly.


Very well could be. But why post for help and then ignore it?

Maybe they believe they don't need help after they've asked for it. Haven't you ever ask for help on something before and then after the words leave your lips the answer comes to you before it can be answered. Kinda like a rhyme that sounds great in your head but and as soon as it is spoken its not a rhyme.... maybe just hearing/ reading it make that little bit of difference.

Theirs an experience saying "if you need someone to talk to I'm here" or something like this. I don't understand :/ btw I do the same

I wish more people like you were around my school because I'm shy lonely scared and lost and no one talks to me. Please Robt stop trying we may not show it but you really are helping more than you know.

Thank you. I'm sure there are people at your school that are nice and caring. It's just they are harder to spot.

Thanks you are helping people. The world needs more like you.

LMAO ... oh god.. oh god...
LOL... if only you know man.

Thank you warren that means a lot. I'm not a therapist just want to help those I can. Maybe even make someone smile.

Hello, I messaged you, I hope thats ok.

Yes, let's try to reach out to those people. We can share the gospel with them, that Jesus is the Christ who died for our sins and rose again. By His stripes, we are healed, and may receive forgiveness from our sins, and not perish, but gain everlasting life. Repent of your sins and follow Him.

I would just make sure you ask them if that is something they need. It's not for everyone and it can come off a bit strong.

Hmm, yeah, you're kind of right. Well, at least they get to hear it and choose whether or not they want salvation :)

If you invite them to dialogue the right people will follow.

Really? So how should I go about the dialogue? I haven't been having any succsess here, haha

Perhaps state your experiences about your faith and invite others to add to the dialogue. Don't actively seek others let others find you.

Ok, I think I will try that. I once did something similar, but it was rejected because it didn't fit the community guidelines, but I think I did it wrong, so I'll try again. Thank you.

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I know right, i do the same thing. This one guy says he has no friends and yet talks to me everyday. And this other one messaged me first saying he had no friends and is anti social and i replied back and he never replied o.0

Makes one ponder!

Yes it does haha

I'm going to keep reaching out. I've actually met some really cool people on here

Yeah same, so have I :D It's why i love this website. You can meet the most interesting and nice people on here

Yeah haha well possibly, although he does live in my country. Haha yeah :P

what guy..? my boyfriend? No that isn't the guy

yes i talk to my boyfriend more everyday.... i dont even know you really.. ur creeping me out

lol yeah.. just a little weird.. cause im pretty sure im allowed to speak to my friends as often as i want, it doesn't stop me from talking to my boyfriend or have any effect on it plus the fact u found this post which means u stalked my activity lmao XD forgive me if i find that a tad creepy

lol haha all good

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Well, even if someone just wants attention, I don't mind. I'm gonna' try to help anyway. Three ppl have responded back, but only one is still communicating with me.

Yeah. I have responded to several people asking for help & I am only still connected to one of them. I guess people reach out when they're desperate & forget when the crisis is over.

Keep doing your great work. If we can help just one person it's a victory.

I find it interesting the age of most of those people. 11 - 18 year olds. Are they after drama? Seeking connection? Just posting because they feel a need to be heard?

Yes I too am shocked by the age. Perhaps the are frightened by older people. Perhaps they have read my stories. All in all makes it a bother to respond. To reach out.

Keep the "faith". Those you reach will be better for it. If they ask for help and ignore it. Well I will assume others have tried and have been ignored too.

Ask for help and take what you get. Don't ***** if you aren't handed answers on silver platters in gold flatware.