If you could please help me out about why I had this dream please. I dreamed that the love of my life and I were finally going out and we loved each other. We were in the awkward, new relationship phase where we were pretty shy around each other and didn't know what to do when we were together. I remember feeling so light and happy that I can't describe in words, heaven is the closest word I can say it felt like, but even then it's minuscule to how I felt. But then I woke up and realized it was a dream and that she doesn't like me and that she's never going to like me. And I've had dreams like that before about her before, but this one was so different from the others. It felt like it could be so real, that it could actually happen in real life and that I actually have a shot with her, and it just hurts me so much to know that it won't ever happen. And here I thought I was getting over her but the day after I see her I'm dreaming about her already! It just wounds me so deeply on the emotional level that I cant even describe.
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Lately I've been dreaming about reconnecting with an ex-friend of mine. I really gotta stop ruminating on him, the more I try to work it out in my head the more I end up thinking about it later... it's just something we have to live with.

Maybe one day she will be yours....I fell in love at 17...and it just wasn't the right time....over the years I was in other relationships...even married...and our paths would cross a couple times and I would even have dreams of him....without even thinking of him...if fall asleep and there he was. 13 years later we are together. It is the most wonderful thing. It is also painful because I am realizing we are so different...but I love him more now that I ever did....I didn't think it was possible...anything is possible

But why don't you have a shot with her? Take the risk

I did and failed

Why can't you ever be with her? Dreaming about her in general means that you miss her or want to be with her. Its possible that this dream felt more real because you saw her so recently or, that subconsciously, you feel that you may have a chance! Dreams are sometimes interpreted to be a person's way of coping with reality, especially with things that they choose to ignore or don't deal with. Its possible you haven't completely dealt with these feelings and your brain is trying to tell you to do something about it.

I tried asking her out months ago but she would have excuses for those days. And a few months after that I told her I liked her and she just said, "oh really?" and acted like I never even said that