Fought with my teacher :@
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Please expand this comment. There's so much more to the story. This is like a news teaser, "for the whole story, tune in at 11:00!"

He expel me from the class room ..

Teachers don't do something like that for no reason. Expelling is a last resort for something violating the good order of the classroom established for the benefit of all students.

I think u r a u r thinking only from the side of teacher ..i dont understand how expelling benefit student .. :(

He expel me no only frm the class room ...also frm school

That wasn't clear. Expulsion is not an arbitrary thing. I have experience as student, teacher at youth and adult levels, and school administrator so your supposition I am looking at it from only one level is unfair.
Without providing unbiased information on your actions leading up to the expulsion, I cannot help enlighten you to academic processes and the reasons for such extreme decisions. AshTheShade makes perfect sense from the scant information available.

Expulsion only benefit to the student is a wakeup call that behaviors are intolerable. Benefit to the other students is removal of an impediment to an education they've paid for. It would be criminal for the school to permit a block to learning to continue when time, resources and cost is involved.

They think that i incite other student against their school

If you tried to gain support from other students in a public space as an attempt to discredit the teacher, a decision, or the school then it would make sense they would not want you back. Sorry but honest information.

They are spoiling my future :(

That's your choice. Best go to the school hat in hand and ask for forgiveness and be ready to play by the rules they made

Yeah. If you are in higher education. You spoil your own future. They are there to teach you. If you screw that up. It's on you not them.


You claim to be 20 a 25 years old. So assuming that you are in college. So getting kicked out if class means you didn't act like an adult. And if the teacher got you kicked out of the school you have more than one strike against you.

What class was it?

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He expel me from the class room :(