I came to this site in hope to have renewed faith in people, but I think its just dropped to an even lower level
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Welcome to reality which is not always pretty.

may the light be with you.
(I'm not religious so..)
in other words you might just be at the wrong side of the site? or something like that?

hey girl chill...really one thing yu should learn from this experience is not to trust anyone so easily...making friends is nt a bad thing and this site is a goood place to make friends....but do it with caution....things don't always end badly

Theres bad people everywhere. Don't mind them, theres actually more bad people on the internet than there is in real life, I would say.

If you want to talk I'll listen. Give it a try.

Perhaps you have been fraternizing with the wrong people.

or the wrong people have been fraternizing with me?!?

you can choose not to fraternizing with them when you realize they are the wrong people. #justsayin

Aren't we all? d:

Same..here..so true..

Oh, I don't know... if you weed through the idiots, perverts and attention seekers, you'll find good people who just want to help.

Thanks, I know there is good people out there... Do you think there is any hope for the idiots, perverts and attention seekers?

In truth? No, haha. They're always going to be around and they're always gonna be annoying. :P

It's sadly a part of the human condition, being let down by others is both a consequence of our interactions and our own expectations of others not matching up to the reality. I believe it is a choice however, to respond in whatever way you see fit. It may seem like your faith in people is controlled by outside influences but in truth we are simply projecting ourselves on to the seemingly predetermined reactions.

Thanks I like your answer :D

You obviously went about it in the wrong way then. Dealing with spam is one thing, but your disappointment is a decision.

Is disappointment a decision? please elaborate :)

Yes it is. You chose to complain about how your expectations weren't being met instead of actually putting in the work of finding people who meet them. If you had made a post about looking for decent people, they would've come out of the woodwork. Now all you're going to get is despondent sighs and people supporting your negative attitude.


>.< =.= yup there are some real creeps here, but i think you'll also find some amazing ppl ^u^

sorry pmsl thats just made my day lol ;-) i love EP.
Just to pop on and read sentences like that is why i come bac ;-)

I have been here for 7 years it has grown and changed. Its a good place to vent where you will be anonymous there will always be opinions that we dont all agree with and situations we percieve in our own way. This happens everywhere including real life. If you dont find it useful to you thats fine im sure many have thought the same and never logged back on or deleted but give it a fair chance first.

majority of people here are sick

Define sick. I think most of the people here are fairly normal. Perhaps, operating under the illusion of anonymity they behave a bit more extremely than they would elsewhere but still I think they are just the same as the folks we all are surrounded by all the time.

Not necessarily, you are overgeneralizing here and judging. There are plenty of good people whom you can have faith in, all it takes is time and patience.

Well, the animal is usually disappointing. I think a site such as EP is simply another source of sheer volume, you pick your way through the extreme mass of humanity here sorting the chaff as you go and you find a solid kernel of real humanity here and there. EP allows me to be my best and my worst so it is a little exhausting. Not a lot of in between.

There is no reason ever to trust anyone besides those who you know you can trust , humans suck , it is a fact , only 20% of the population of this earth are reasonable , the rest are those who just bring you down in everything you could think of , there's no reason to any faith in man ,realistically there's nothing good in humans.

What's not cool , the truth?

The light is just what you get from all those small things that appease you , the fact is she wants to have faith I humans , which is like believing fire dosent burn , most humans are vile it just takes the a small thing on a certain subject and they turn , put them also in the situation and they'll turn on you faster that a bullet to the head , I'm not being dark ,I'm being realistic , those few humans who are different , are the ones who really try to be good in themselves (not just saing it ,like most) , but are continually hurt by any real human if they allow themselves to get close enough to any ,I'm not saying that you can't try to enjoy yourself in whatever you enjoy , I'm just saying be realistic about the world you where born into.

Just because there's a general innate nature to help someone in a certain situation doesn't change how they really are inside, if I murder someone , and then I save a person in front of a bus, that doesn't change the fact I'm a murderer , so also it doesn't change that humans get together to help rebuild were they live , yes there is some good in humans but majority is bad and it just takes the right situation or trigger to set them off , only few are genuinely all around good.

Oh sweetheart the inter web is not the place to look for faith in humanity

your right, but why?

Hang in there, there are an incredible range of people here.

What makes you think EP is in any way representative of 'people'? Some people you can have faith in, others not. That's what humanity is - something far from perfect. It's a matter of growing up to learn which are the sheep and which the goats.

Were you bombarded with pictures of genitalia?

lol there is always good amongst the bad, and still good in the bad :) don't let a few individuals shatter your open heart.

I'm still learning to navigate this place and discern who to talk to myself. You definitely have to have determination, hope, and tolerance to filter out a lot of what you come across to find what you're looking for. I continue to be hopeful. Good luck in your search!


Pretty much everything will drive you in that direction; going online, meeting people, getting older, etc. The real challenge is trying to understand why you feel that way (i.e. what you really expect of other people) and whether you're being fair / truthful, or making excuses to stay isolated.
I am on the same boat, and I find that if I am selective and patient I can get to like a few people and enjoy both shared interests and differences. That said, I "dislike" people as a whole, and "like" them on an individual basis.The great thing about this site is that people sort themselves out, so you can easily find like-minded people and have an understanding of what motivates others, as well as yourself.
Best of luck, it's a rough life out there.

Like most places you'll find the worst of people here, but also the best. Stay with it - the good ones make it worthwhile (and you can block the others if you want to).

There are people here of all kinds just as they are everywhere. Those with a less appetizing point of view (akin to the sweetness of a lemon) don't hesitate to spread their brand if acid through the veil of anonymity. But there are plenty of us who likewise reach out to, and make posts intended for intelligent and thoughtful communication to broaden minds and connect ideas for entertainment and enlightenment. Don't give up on it yet as there are many things here you've never thought of or considered!

Lol. That's funny. There are some strangely normal people here that are good and honest. Still strange...

....faith in people; that's going to be a difficult order to fill.

I'm sorry, sometimes there are instances where that can happen, but rest assured there are still good people out there :}3

Welcome to the internet.