I think my girlfriend likes to seduce her dad. He compliments her allot. She wears no bra when we are going to be around him and really short skirts or shorts with no panties on. One day I even caught him staring at her when she bent over (her *** was all out). And in the kitchen I caught him rub his hand across the lower part of her *** and she just giggled. They didn't know I saw them. Should I think anything?
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Honestly i think you should just dump her.....she doesnt deserve you

O.o that'd really weird.. Maybe you should get them checked at a mental hospital

You gotta tame her. Make her want your attention more than her dads. Or ill do it if you can't.


Is he a Stepdaddy ? That might explain, but not your position in the triangle!!

Ps I have a hot Stepdaddy story to tell, but to be honest it wouldn't allay your fears, the contrary actually !!!

No it's her real father, biologically. She always told me they were really close.

Ha! There you go then, he's had her before you!!

Maybe so...one day it will come out

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Er... Yeah. I think she needs to clarify what being "daddy's girl" actually means to her.

I concur, awkward/interesting !!