Ok , from my observation - it does not matter , where ever you go in this world - you will meet the same set of attitudes all over again- some people may say "duh" - you did not know that? - my motto is not to assume until you most likely see for your self - so the only reason I may see just chatting online as some sort of progress - is either to learn ( includes a stimulating convo or humor) , or help some one by your words - which is not likely to take impact if the person does not see the reality of it or they take you seriously - so once again I am starting to become bored on a social media - How ever I read some one saying , it's like sorting through the wheat from the chaff - well that is if you are up to it - but my time and sleep for just blabbbb - not really, but I am realist - so yea maybe , I expect a good reality from the wrong places sometimes lol.
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hehe, you sound jaded but intent and smart! :)

Lol yea I do come across like that - and often I get misunderstood - but I push some one to think further into understanding and viewing from a broad scope.

Meant the jaded part by the way - people misunderstand me at times with that part on how I come across things - but I try ball alot of things into one sometimes - sort of tricky person sometimes , but intents are real and good in the end.

yes, push the boundaries i think so... we are only here for a short time (in life i mean)!! cheers : )

Hey very good I get it, i think, i struggle with social media, it is new to me, it is not of my generation. It has a real ugliness and yet the most beautiful potential,,,,,,, but that is life. i think it is a way of expressing good writing and your piece was well written.

Potential always lies with the people behind it - and thanks , I try to state life written by people as it really is .

Hey in the end we are here. I have only just in the last two weeks started using social media so tell me if I am naive but we are here, we are using it, we have free will to tap into the truth of the humanity of which we are a tiny part..... either you call it perverse and see just the ugly side or realize that the ugly side is just a side that you have chosen to see as ugly. be positive and fill the word with live..... You are a thinker.... think positive. Big love.

Well you understand and identify - positive really is to see and know the truth , not be golly gosh like goffy and charm to everything - there is a reason why the word good and bad were created - candles will be made of wax and a fruit tree cannot bear you cows - attitudes and ways will be the way they are - you can't change an attitude and ways otherwise than for what it really is and what it gives , I admire your positive try being new to this - you speak with what is unblemished in your heart - but by 6 months time - I would like to hear your view after you have TRIED.

If you are truthful then I my friend have been trying for 20 more years than you..... That does not mean I know more it means I realize that I know less... However as you age the anger goes, the love grows.

True with the love part , but only truth, realization , experience , understanding subdues anger , in life you can care about people , acknowledge them , teach them , guide them , show love to them , respect them - but only a willing mind to these will pay an attention - it necessarily does not mean anger to be in against the things that are not right in life ( if you show embrace to everything in life , the wrong side will not seek to make a change , cause nothing is being done about it or speak against it , so why change ? In life there will always be consequences Between the good and bad side , there will be living effects to these things - like for eg - why would Christ come and preach of certain things and against certain things? and why would the bible have rules and commandments to live up to?

enlightenment is the toleration of the inconceivability of reality. I think it sounds that you are growing fast in your toleration is that a is it good thing? Is this what I am doing now a good way to spend my time. Do you regret tapping these keys after you have finished. I do but then I come back and log on again. Is this a good way for me to release what it is that I have to say? Or is it procrastination? I `m uncertain of whether to stop or continue. How do you feel. Do you rue the existence of social media?

Nah i dont rue it, I try to cope , sometimes it get's the better of me but it boils down to the reality of people behavior , concept , and attitudes , and I will show a concern about it and/ or say something about it, if it is something that seems like a down grade to humanity it self overall. I don't regret tapping the keys at all, i say who i am and what i am for in life - what i live for and what i would like out of people WAYS on the whole ( My honor is to stand for the right things in life , even if I have to stand alone rather than go with the flow just to be accepted and fit in with others , I will be me, but from a god conviction stand point) . Dalston you will show or say what you know is best to your knowledge , or try fit in with others , it's your choice - it is good to release things you want to say - but frustrating when others or a few , if you are contented with that, don't show an understanding , good response , or highlight to your point of view. Actually you should always test your self on social media , and grow with the experience , reactions, actions by others. See the thinking of today's society overall , by their interest and how they show response to what you put up , see the numbers that are online and how many come to your point or see eye to eye with you. And yea I think The whole FAST AND FURIOUS series can't catch up with me at times when I speed things up - I like fast at times - like quick is the word to get down on something. But there are times where I get exhausted in expressing or saying things to a public , who on other interest , but not for a good one - i just give it a break and come back again - cause that will always be me now. AND YES I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO BE GOOD AND NICE TO PEOPLE SINCE I WAS AGE 3 , MAKES IT 32 YEARS NOW - and I have come to learn that , if you don't want change or insist change to some things in life , and with others , there will be a down ward spiral to the good things , and the not so good things we all don't even like for our selves in society, will just start popping up at a frequent or regular rate , like now , sure in your time - people were more humble , caring , could and would share with one another - is the ways and life of now , any better compared to the people back in your time?

And I am a bit of the two generations in one - I started and grew up with the old , valued what they knew and taught and also ventured into the new generation - so good to have someone of the old generation here :)

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