Funny how you can make so much of something that never really was there to begin with.
I build things up in my head and they become so far for reality that I have expelled way too much energy on something only I created.
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... This isn't imagination. This is a behavioral issue. Like a guy smiles at you. To him it was a smile. To you it was saying hi. Then later it was nearly asking for your number. Later it was almost a date. But the reality was it was just a smile. At the girl behind you.

But some times. It was exactly what you thought it was too. :)

Thank you Debbie Downer. Yes it's behavioral. I'm a narcissist I think thinks mean more to be then they do. It makes me feel good. Sad thing is I can't tell reality from my subconscious anymore.

that sounds like time to visit the Witch Doctor.

Being imaginative is all for free you don't need to pay in cash to have it. Creative mind works! :)

I can relate as well.

I do the exact same thing