I love to use an electric toothbrush as a..you know ;) it's powerful
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I hope you floss too! Lol!!

and you can leave it out in public and not have to worry about being embarrassed.

oh god ...

Scrubbing the toilet?

What type of head do you prefer?

u don't have a bf ?

In the ************ project I see lots of stories about electric toothbrushes too.


Im wondering what you are brushing your teeth with!

Can't say, but she lost two front teeth!

Yeah' my teeth are sparkly too!, Hee Hee !!

I don't think you understood 😂 I use it as a vibrator

Duh! I know !! It was a joke, hope you only use your own though !

Aha course, live alone

I heard that Harry Potter magic-wand pens were popular with young girls as they vibrated too

:) mmmm

Sounds like something I wanna try

It might put you under a sexual spell!!
I'll send one over, right away!!!

Omg😵 Yeaahhh please I wonder if I'll handle it

"Clitorix stimulatous! " as Hermonie might say in her room alone at night!!


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