The "we never use the word no in our household" type of parents. Thoughts?
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Just being honest, I have only heard parents of hoity toity households use this type of discipline. In my house, we don't use the word "hate". (Guess coz I grew up in a racially tense landscape but I also just dislike that word).

Hmm that's interesting! I was never allowed to use "hate" when referring to people.

Wise parents! :)


Some people should not have children??

Actually No was used in our house growing up. Reinforced by a belt if you were foolish enough to question the no!!!
I used a different tact. At a very young age if one of my boys acted up I took them to the bathroom. I stomped my foot loudly and yelled as I gave a little swat to their diapered butts. To this day I have never had to do more than give them "THE LOOK" and ask if they need to go to the bathroom. They were too young to remember what happened in the bathroom..but their whole life they knew they didn't want to go back.

Hahahha "THE LOOK" love it!

Much more effective than a belt and easily used in

they must use maybe a lot eh?

Hahah who even knows!

It really does not make sense. Because if someone ask you if you need something from the store, something to eat or drink, if you have enough money for lunch, or any number of other things; not being able to say no is problematic.

Hahaha nah not to that extent!

my life.



Why do I look at your age and find your answer not at all surprising though it was your decade/generation that housed some of the most prolific serial killers, child molesters and psychos in modern history despite good old fashion spanking, the word no and a lot of other things that probably shouldn't have been used

You're saying that without knowing what is to come of this generation of young children...what if it's worse?

but if it is worse it has little to do with whether parents use the word no or not, whether they used another discipline than spanking (my thought is if you spank your kid particularly with a belt you should have a hammer taken to any part of your body they, anyone willing to defend them can reach and to hell with how many bones are broken)

And has a lot to do with other things the presence of a parent how involved you are do you talk to your kids about things can they come to you or is the only time they get your attention when they've done wrong are getting spanked

Mental illness usually plays a huge roll in horrific things we see and anymore the school system is setting us all up for hell on wheels when they suspend kids for pop tarts bitten in the shape of what someone thought was a gun, a Mohawk they liked at 6 because it looked like I dinosaur cops and robbers drawn on paper and on and on and on

hyper punishing kids who haven't done anything that's where we as a society will pay and pay dearly and its of out own making because we insist on letting the older people delude us with the wonders of the 1950's, we insist on employing people in everything from schools to police departments who see their job status as a means to declare war on their pet peeves

Bottom line, things were better back then, forget about discipline. Let's go back to the time where we could leave our doors unlocked and send our kids to the park without worry, where we didn't have parents covering countertops in anti-septic solutions.

see the thing that says 13 responses read that thread

and you suggest they counter the superbug with what a wing and a prayer

Read the thread. I believe that perhaps your thoughts are becoming borderline sassy.

no I just wanted you to read that because you see that older persons response to the story you see mine and if you read it you see the holes in the times were better leave your doors open

And what's wrong with sassy vs. trained door mat ?

I agree that "younger" generations do not need to be spoken down to, but it does look quite silly when we claim to know everything. Knowledge accompanies life experience, therefore I fully accept the fact that someone in my life like a parent or grandparent who is older than I may be more knowledgable with certain life subjects.

Well there in lies the problem older people who think younger ones are claiming to know everything when I have yet to encounter one who claimed to know anything beyond what they knew or what they refused to let their life become without a fight

and we "do know everything" compared to the people who think there are replacement parts for microwaves or exemplified by the e-surance ads

Let's not point fingers at the older people

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