I'm pretty sure I am not alone, but I seem to obsess about the "why's" of psychology in almost everything I do. I find myself researching late into the night on why I am the way I am, or why any of us are who we are. What helped shape us, and what decisions do we make based on our own experiences?

Does anyone else experience this sort of longing to completely understand human behavior?
TheCowardlyLioness TheCowardlyLioness
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Human behavior can be crazy...

been there girl. down the road and around all 4 corners, more than once, fell in more than 1 mud puddle too. "When there is no enemy on the inside, no enemy can succeed on the outside." something else I learned on that inner trip. "The only man that ever said he understood me, didn't understand me." Hegel. It begs the question? What you find there is "truth". It can change your life. We must learn to except the truth w/o emotion, no matter what it is, apply it to our lives, w/o emotion, and live it every day. something we cant live with are lies and deceit. They hurt more than any truth. You don't sound cowardly to me girl, a Lioness, yes. ROAR, girl. LOUD, you can. Want to talk, give me a purr. Just a Lone Wolf calling out to the pack, out there in the darkness and moonlight. Come along for the journey. Dare to. Tom ( LW ) .

Thank you, but I am a lioness on the inside and cowardly on the outside. My voice is small and meek, when all I really wish is to ROAR. I cannot seem to find my "voice".

the inner trip is not an easy one like I said if you want a mentor, just another purr, anytime. believe me, keep reading what I said, and practice that roar in the mirror, everyday, not too loud at first. You are the most important thing in this life W/O you, there is no other life experience to discuss, it,s a good selfish, next lesson Good Selfishness 101 be ready your grade depends on it, lol. think " I Am Lioness, I Roar." luv ya (LW) tom

I did once and realized it is a fruitless effort. There is no answer. It's better to spend your time making someone's life a little better.

It's most important to just understand why you are the way you are. Unresolved childhood traumas shape our fears and hindrances...when we examine ourselves and withhold judgement from our learning experiences, life begins to make more sense