Sometimes I people watch just for the heck of it
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I have worked a smoothie stand for all of my working career, as a secondary job. It seems over the years, I have learned how to say exactly the right things to say to them to get them to laugh, and 9 times out of 10, correctly guess the flavors they would like. It is a legitimate human relation skill, in my non expert opinion

Yea but I bet some people r hard to read

one can learn too much and expecct the things to come if we really concentrate on watching the behavior of any person more particularly his behavior towards other people

Me too. I often try to compare our behaviors with the behaviors of animals and other living things.

Lol I do the same exact thing! Thought I was the only one

me too, its a trip W/O luggage. there are some pretty cool beats being played by those other drummers some are listening to, walking to also. Fascinating to see Tom

Of course