I was shopping one day with my wife in a large department store.  She was trying on clothes so that meant haning around the dressing room as she came out to get my opinion of her latest find.  There was another guy doing the same thing.  As his wife came out, he would nod his approval and back into the dressing room.  My wife brought me a few items to purchase for her as she headed off to the rack at the end of the counter.  So I turned to wait my turn to pay.  As I was standing there I suddenly felt someone pat my butt and hold out some clothes for me to buy.  I looked over and my wife had a strange look on her face.  I turned around and this lady got s shocked look and gasped " You're not my Husband", from behind a rack came the words "No dear, I'm over here"!!!!   Embarrassed,  She could not apologize enough to me and her husband.  We all laughed and headed off.  My wife looked at me, smiled and said "You enjoyed that didn't you".   "Yes dear I did"   Often wondered how that lady explained patting my butt to her husband.        

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Thats happened to me when I put my arms around someone from the back........plus ive grabbed a girl thinking she was my daughter who was standing there.
Ive also talked to loads of strangers thinking my family were near but they had wondered off ages ago. So these pple listened to my diatribe on fashion or how to things arent advertised properly etc.
The shame has only been bad once, when a wrong man grabbed me......but then again we were all dressed alike so I can see the mistake.
But it since I thought it was my hubby I didnt move away fast enough, till some women yelling caught my attention and I turned round as the person turned too. That turn lasted seconds but the amount of words spoken in the looks exchanged would have lasted pages.

there should have been a hidden camera...thanks for sharing the story

I'll look forward to reading it. Have yourself a FUN Tuesday!

I have so many of them it's overloading my memory! When I remember one, I'll post it in this group :)

It has happened to me on a few occasions so I know how it feels. Ever happen to you June?

LOL. Thanks for sharing it! It happens to all of us, I think, honest mistakes that practically kill us with embarrassment :)

Glad you got a laugh out of it. I laugh every time I think about that day.

Little gen... thanks

lol i loved that!