I'm sinking with this ship....
When this place goes black I'll be in my bubble bath!
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One minute to go... Hugs for everyone! :')


Damn!!! All that work I've been avoiding so I could be on EP...


Bottles up, my friend! She's out of time...

Somebody needs to bring me a drink! I'm a prune now!!

LOL Coming right up... :)

Here comes the tilt... I'm into that top shelf booze...
When you hear the ship groan... its about to suck you down. So finish your bottle and kiss your butt good bye...

Time to self medicate... Heavily!

Cheers to that. Here's to all you miscreants who made this place what it was.


awesome. im just having a beer in the sun watching it unfold.

Oh that sounds gorgeous!!!


Since I'm already necked...

Oh when I said bring the hard stuff I was talking about liquor! ;)

Don't worry, we've got a quiver of party favors. Haha

Brother, now we'll see just how cold that there water is! ha ha

Ha - who the hell cares, it's the swan song... Live like there's no tomorrow👌

Skoal, my friend. :)

I love you guys!!!

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I hope when the deck tilts I don't spill my drink!

I'll hang my head over the edge and catch it in my mouth! No worries I got your back!

LOL I think its time to grab the bottle... they can put it on my tab, I won't be around to pay for it ;) *toast*

Crap! In that case order two!

Done! By the time I can't see my feet I don't want to be able to see my feet... *hic*

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs9w5bgtJC8 (really cool reander of titanic sinking) its 2 hours and 40 minutes, that takes you just about up to the time when it goes down time your starting point and you can live it vicariously

Ah, thanks love!