What Makes It All So Interesting?

the why factor.. why do you do what you do? If I can work out me, maybe I can work out you too!

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When I took writing in university there was always the question of what motivates a character to do something a certain way. One of my instructors suggested finding the answer in books onabnormal psychology, since our characters needed to be 'original,' not stock characters. One of my favourite characters -- not my own, but one of my classmates' fictional creations -- was a young woman who had a constant itch everywhere. Then she met a fellow and went out to his ranch, where she discovered a make-shift mannequin in his yard that was covered with sandpaper. Suddenly, rather than showing her interest in the man, she was rubbing herself raw against his dummy. I know it sounds weird retelling it here, but it was a really well written story, and that scene was funny as hell. Talk about why some things occur, eh?

I have always been more fascinated in the "who" questions rather than the why...<br />
<br />
who do I come from<br />
who am I now<br />
who do I want to become <br />
who is out there to love me and support me to become who I want to become<br />
who are my mentors in life<br />
who are my friends<br />
<br />
but then who and why are really members of the same family - both can serve to enlighten<br />
<br />
thanks for posting this LittleMissNobody

I'm not sure the outcome would be pretty. :)

Well, then MtnMig - at least one of us does sweet.. lol

I think most of the time I know why I do (the dumb) things that I do.