My Twin And Sister And I Are So Diffrent

I always wonder what makes my twin sister so diffrently

than me other than our looks iam blonde and blue eyes ,shes

red hair and brown eyes . not that my sisters all bad or all evil

she is a master minulapator to get what ever it is that she wants . shes always the

victim shes alway begging for things .if its not given to her she dont want it .

i asked her one day dont you ever want something thats not given to you like getting

somthing you have earrned? shes a verblally abussive mother she can be really

kind and thoughtful when she wants to be . but on the other hand me iam layed back contented

with my life am happy marryed and own my own home . karen must be running the roads

going places doing starting trouble alway shes got a crisses in her life . we all have them

once in a awhile but she every other day shes got something going on. she dont stand on her feet

she was starring up truble for me and my husband when we first got marred , so i had to

put her in her place after 3 times . now she knows layed back karla wont take no crap from

her so she comes over and wont start stuff with me and my husband . she keeps

trouble sturred up all around her . guess thats whty people avoid her . its sad but its her life and how

she ticks . in so many ways good ways her and i are just alike we both are carring and we would help

any one that we could .  but i do love my twin sister .

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
1 Response Mar 12, 2010

ty i think so too her and i are so diffrent in so many ways but the same in other <br />
ways . thanks for your coment