"..'should' Is A Dirty Word Unless ... One Decides To Choose It !

Hey Everyone !! .. anyone into transactional analysis here ... 'coz I'm probing injunctions thses days .... . ...

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Actually .. am probing to become aware of the ones put to me. 12 key injunctions which TA identifies are:-<br />
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* Don't be (don't exist) * Don't be who you are * Don't be a child * Don't grow up<br />
* Don't make it in your life * Don't do anything! * Don't be important * Don't belong<br />
* Don't be close * Don't be well (don't be sane!) * Don't think * Don't feel.<br />
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These are injunctions. They are powerful "I can't/mustn't ..." messages that em<x>bed into a child's belief and life-script.

I'm a teacher, so I understand TA in an educational context, i.e., "teacher-owned problem" vs. a "student-owned problem," e.g., the class misbehaving because there isn't a lesson plan & teacher hung-over; misbehavior= teacher-owned problem.<br />
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I'm sure you didn't mean that, though, since you want to know about an injunction...

Changing yourself, though I agree in principle that we mostly all have the capacity to do this, is one of the hardest things to do if your behaviour and modes of thinking have been etrenched over a lifetime. Being cognisant of this is a start, but can bring it#s own complications.<br />
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Sage.. my dearest ...YOU hit it eXActlyyy on the spot -->>> BULL'S EYE !! lady ......<br />
Changing 'oneself' IS ! ..it IS .... ... .. ....'the' hardest thing to do .

I remember this book that talked about should statements, catastrophizing, trying not to mind read, stuff like that. Are you familiar with it? It seemed so challenging to me. Changing is the hardest thing I try to do.

..just getting closer to certain realisations of "why 'I' do what 'I' do"{as part of my intrinsic behaviour}, so as to be able to change it for the better .. per my intrinsic behaviour !!

Wow. I haven't heard anyone talk about TA in decades. What's it all about? I really don't remember.

It will ring true for a lot of people who have not fulfilled their true potential due to early trauma which leads to a fractured belief system & saps confidence & motivation to a successful goal,