Chronic Liars: Believe Their Own Lies?

I'd like to get your opinions on whether or not you think people who constantly lie believe their own bullshit.  On some level, one knows they don't because these people instantly disavow their lies.  Yet at the same time, one thinks, "How can you sit there and just make up this stuff?!"   This issue is mainly on my mind at the moment because my husband and I are currently embroiled in his family drama with an uncle and a grandmother's will, and this man just slanders us horribly, and lies -- and forgets his lies!  He's a total narcissist.

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5 Responses Apr 6, 2010

DEALING WITH NPD... tell them stop all the BS, get everyone settle down and say lets do properly, get it recorded and begin...just follow accordingly and no need for other BS. They often afraid to later be looking down at with evidence that he's indeed causing it..otherwise, it will never end.

my ex boyfriend as of today because after 3 1/2 years he found his son that he has not ever meet. and now has the mother of his son who i 6yrs old and her other two kids on a bus to LA and is walking out on everything we fought to stay together for and its been fights about his lies that never stop comeing but it went as far as him lieing aboutsomething and me blowing up and becoming very raw hurtful and in your face with his past pain he cant seem to face and make that peace with himself. with my words to the point of him making **** up about me to. i cant understand who someone can be so into there bs and have no feeling for someone that you have said you love for the past 3 yrs. i dont want him to go yet i no it will be a act of something good to come for me, am hurt or mad because he thinks that he is going to walk away from someone that loves him even if that love is a lie that i have made real to me. or if ammore hurt and upset because i dont want him to rush into his sons life so fast that he may falls into all the things fears. h is lied to me about everything one we both do meth everyday this is something we both have done for years before each other evey day, i told him lets get help while he slowly gets to now his son he and i can make that first move to better us for he can have something when he did meet his son and but he said that i just dont want him to have that with his son and that he is going to stop all the bs stop getting hi oh get a real job all this when they get here but we nare well he is getting hi now, she is on a bus with his son and two other kids in a few days he will be a full time dad he tells. i want nuthing more then for his son to look at him as his father one day and with nothingmore then good eyes. i dont want to see him become what his dad is or what pain he felt from his mom as a little boy but he is full of **** and worst is i now he wants to be that father, but is lying to everyone and has really made himself think that am telling him all of this to just put him down

Lies. Nothing I hate worse than lies. I noted that people who lie often cannot remember the last lie, so they embellish a new one. they think its harmless, but if the other person knows it a lie, then its harmful to both. Often a patholigical liar cannot tell the truth anymore. Awful cycle. However, in your case that person is just being defensive and possessive of what he believes is his or hers. Blow that off an just read the damn will. Dont hold a grudge over 'stuff'.

From what I have observed, I would say that Yes liars do begin to be convinced that their lies are, indeed, true. And the more they tell the lie, the more they seem to believe it and, of course, the more difficult it becomes to extricate themselves from that lie.<br />
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But again, the question would also need to be asked, "Why do they feel the need to lie?"


Ahem, it's true that when someone reiterates a fact over and over and over again. You tend to believe it regardless of whether or not it's true to begin with. Also people lose ob<x>jectivity when they become emotionally invested in that person. It's called emotional blindness. <br />
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Some people can perpetuate a lie so often that they can practically pass a lie detector test because literally they begin to believe their own B.S. Also some people are so good at lying to their loved ones that in spite of the fact that their loved ones know enough to gauge otherwise, they still fall for it. There is a term for this kind of people. They are called "Pathological Liars"<br />
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For Narcissistic personalities, and Sociopaths. go to<br />
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