For Food In Space

It's certainly very relevant technology if humans must be able to survive on space stations for long periods of time. Growing food without soil. It might not be natural, but I don't care. Not in this case.

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There seems to be some confusion about how 'high-tech' hydroponics is. It is a technique that was introduced in the 19th century. Many orchids and other plants do not use soil as a rooting medium. Epiphites grow all over rain forests. Hydroponics is just an easier way to keep control of what is going on, to prevent over/under feeding/watering that cause growth pauses; and to eliminate soil-borne pests. High-performance hydro, just means it has a water pump instead of only wicks, to draw nutrient solution to the roots. IMO- use fine mineral based hydroponic feeds or organic WITH Trichoderma, correctly species matched. I prefer mineral based feeds. They are consistent. Growing Trich' as well as your crop that feeds on what the Trich poops is too complex for me, it's interdependant organisms.. I think there's a lot of people who buy organic nutrients and then don't bother innoculating with B. Trichoderma, and growth rate and plant health is nowhere near what it should be.<BR>I agree with fpc that the best set-ups use absolutely no 'medium' at all, and you produce very little wast this way. Aeroponics is zero waste, as long as you have an outdoor spcae that you can feed with your old, used solutions..

There are some very cool aeroponic and NFT (nutrient flow technique) set ups available for home use that are easy to use and take up very little space, it makes it easy for anyone to have their own indoor garden. I prefer aeroponics myself, but hydroponic deep water culture is a good method and it's simple to make your own system :)

I agree. Personally, I dont see what there is to be concerned about with going against the naturay way in which life operates. As if humans havent taken that even farther when it comes to other things :p<br />
In fact, I think its really quite incredible. Certainly speaks a great deal of possibility and the capability of technology and brilliance and brainpower. To be able to grow things without soil...