Lambs To The Slaughter

Yes I am fascinated by individual Mormons, how they can accept to follow such obvious lies, be used by a system who's only interest is getting more members and their money.

The Book Of Mormons clearly states that blacks were cursed and doomed to be servants even once they reach the Celestial Temple. Yet there are more dark skinned members joining everyday.

I am fascinated by just how willing people are willing to accept the lies being fed to them. How the Book of Mormons, the most ACCURATE book as claimed by Joseph Smith, has undergone nearly 4000 changes since its initial publishing.

It is fascinating to see the Momrons clam to be Christians on equal footing with every other while at the same time claiming that their Jesus is not the same as the one from the Bible. Even the Mormon Heavenly Father is not a "god" but an ascended mortal of flesh and blood, an "Alien" who gave this world to one of his sons (Jesus over Satan) to rule over so that he could become a god himself.

The Missionaries themselves are taught how to lie, how to avoid certain difficult questions in order to lure new members into the organization. I find it fascinating that these missionaries go about their task without asking themselves why they are being asked to lie and misguide others. Being true, to your own ideas and yourself is not as important as saving someone else soul, but what does this say about this faith?

"Yes we will lie, we will misguide, we will even hide the truth from you because we are right and the rest of the world is wrong."

Human behavior is a fascinating subject. The need to believe in something, to be part of a community is so overpowering that people will gladly and willingly become part of an organization that cares little for the individual, only using them as resources to increase its power and influence on a global scale.

People's fascination with the Momron Church should be equated to someone looking onto a fatal car crash. You may not understand what happened but you feel drawn to it, but the truth is that it is very dangerous in many different ways.

The Momrons / LDS Church is not something to be envied or even admired but something to be feared as more and more lives and families are destroyed through their influence, lies and deceptions.
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I honestly don't know how anyone ever manages to read all the way through the Book of Mormon. I have tried to a couple of times and each time gave up because it was just to dreadfully dull and boring. Some Mormons at least claim that it is fascinating. How brainwashed do you have to be to think that?

hmmm... and what if it was all true? What is your faith, and have you ever had that same "Holy Spirit" talk to you... to find out if it is true? Is there really even a God at all?
I know alot a LDS members and I find nothing evil or hatefull in them. They seem to love there familys and respect all laws. You do know the 10000 wife "mormons" are an off shoot of that "smith's" first church. So those TV mormon wifes are NOT the real ones that we are talking about. I also know that some mormons don't pay the 10% of there income because they feel they can't afford it. And they are not kicked out or any thing like that.
I will even go back and double check that out.
Has God ever talked to you? If God did, and you told people stuff God shared with you... how many people would call you a crazy lier?
Is there really a God? Can he talk to people?

All I can say is what I have seen, what I have experienced and what i have dealt with. The LDS / Mormon organization is all about appearances, making outsiders see what they want them to see. The ideas of family are very carefully presented, keeping any issues hidden and dealt with behind closed doors. Laws are specifically respected to the point of knowing exactly what can be done and said to get what they want regardless of obstacles.

Polygamy - Mormon men are encouraged, even pressured at times, to get a second, third, forth wife following the passing of the previous so as to insure that they will have multiple wives to populate their world once they achieve Godhood.

The LDS / Mormon organization believes that every member is to be a productive member of society, and they will help them achieve this. Afterwards, it is easy for them to guilt people into paying the tithe. I have seen this first hand. No one is every kicked out, in fact people are held fast in place, but that is all part of their game of control and appearances. People do not just "walk out" of this organization, they, like myself, have to escape.

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Scott, I would be very interested to know if you LEFT the church or if you were EXCOMMUNICATED. I know for a fact that most of what you've said is false. LOL In fact, most of it is so ridiculous that it makes me wonder if you were ever a member in the first place. You have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

Find something worthwhile to do than hate on Mormons when you clearly don't know what it is we believe.

Scott is right, this faith an its followers are very much about appearances. On the outside things are made to seem perfect, because that is the way they want the people, the church and the faith as a whole to be looked upon. Once you get to see some of the things that no one is suppose to know, you get a different picture of the faith and the people who follow it.

This has nothing to do with what you see on TV. The idea of family is very important and they will do everything to maintain the appearance of what is acceptable. Because I was no longer contributing to this image of perfection, I was cast out by everyone; family, friends and community.

As for God speaking to us, I was told to read and pray. The answers were meant to come to me silently, that any "voices" I heard were trying to lead me astray. Voices of reason, voices of logic, voices of understanding were labeled as wrong because in my case they did not say what my family and community wanted me to "hear".

Ok, You got me.... I ask a Bishop about this wife thing you are talking about.
He said a Married couple can be sealed, and this carrys into heaven, only if they are worthy of the highest heaven. The mormons think there are 3 degress of heaven and they are in 3 different places. The top one is "Celest-re-al" (something or other)
#2 starts with a "T" ter-rest-re-al .... and no one is married on that one but it's a good place but all people here fell alittle short of the most high heaven... but they are good people.
I ain't sure about the 3rd... He said something about outter darkness but I am not sure if that is the 3rd plus the outer darkness or if the 3rd is what I think of as hell.
Anyway, he said if a woman is sealed and her husband dies, she can marry again but will only be sealed to her first husband.
So as I understand... a Mormon can go to a ward or state church and be fine
(#2 heaven) But if they have a "calling" they can go to a temple and do stuff to try to get to the highest heaven.
Other faiths have a similar degree of heaven, but they call it crowns and that rank depends on how good they were down here.
so as I understand, a "investagater" need to Pray for understanding and then pray for the spirit to comfirm this is all true.
Do I understand all this right?
thank you my friend for taking the time to talk to me.

I was also told that you can "ex-comunate" yourself from the church at any time without any meyhem or trouble (LOL) made it sound like quiting a baseball team.

The Mormon / LDS organization is the only religious organization that I know of that is able, at any time, to give a detailed list of ALL its members. All 12 million of them. Quitting this organization is never that easy, they hound you with letters, visits and community presure to "rethink" your decision. Again, all part of the appearance as it is not good for the organization to have people quit and talk about the inner workings (Jesus Jammies, Baptising of the Dead, sealing rituals to gather multiple wives in the next life, etc) to outsiders.

Funny, I dropped out and was never hounded or called or sent mail from anyone. Maybe it was because I told them that I was gay, a little white lie on my part. Since I have been married, my wife and I have visited a local LDS church a few times, and once was even given some food, yet nobody ever tried to pressure us to convert. Well, there was one missionary who was a little pushy. I told him that if I was ever convinced that they had the truth, then I would be baptized. I did not say "again". I saw no point in bringing up my one-year membership in my youth.

Just look at your own working Cats. You were told that you can "ex-communate" yourself, not just leave. That is all part of the way the church works, fear and presure at every corner to keep you under their thumb; obeydiant and ignorant of what is really happening around you.

I was cast out by everyone I knew and I still get letters from the church telling me to come back. Once they have you and your information on hand, they are not ready to give it up, and I even fear that they will use it against me at some point, even after I am dead.

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