The Fetish Institute

Ever since my teens, I have been fascinated by fetishes, some of which I see on EP. No fetish is too kinky or strange to interest me, so long as  it produces intense arousal for the fetishist. I love how fetish interests transcend the divisions of age, gender, social class and race. If I was wealthy, I would open an Institute for the Study of Fetishes. Fetishists could visit the Institute to have their fetishes studied and documented by expert sexologists and the intensity of their arousal would be measured in response to the fetish stimulus. If they wished, their fetish could be explored and reinforced by forced ******* to increase their addiction to the fetish. This would be achieved  either by human or machine stimulation of the subject in the fetish situation. Those that wished to have their fetish arousal reduced would have to undergo aversion therapy, possibly using electro-shock. Observers would be welcome to visit the Institute to see the treatment in progress on suitable volunteers or participate in fetish reinforcement or aversion groups. Visitors to the Institute would be required to consent to have their treatment videoed for the production of specialist study videos, the sale of these videos would be used to support the further work of the Institute.
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4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

If you ever make your project , well , count on me , i'd be the first fetishist you technichians could study

Absolutely go deeper and deeper. When i was young i lived my fetish with shame. It was stronger than me and i wasn't able to resist it. Then i played and xxxxxxxxxx , at the end i allways was ashamed and displeased. Now i live my fetish with joy and happines , the only thinking about it,among all, helps me to face all the problems that everyday we all must face

I don't agree with you , the fetish of every person is something that ,for the most part , is impossible to explain . So it's impossible to say only what you said without saying anything else

Interesting post. I've had a great many discussion on this as well. It's been an interest since I stumbled upon this world at 19. True, I've studied it from the inside out, and I've found that in the realms of power exchange - the reasons for being here aren't as varied as one would suspect.

I've had vanilla academic, social discussions about this, and countless talks with my associates in the power exchange community. I've considered doing my graduate thesis on . I probably will given my advance level of exposure and hands on work in this field.


The Germans did something like that in the concentration camps. No thanks!

I'm sure you're right about other fetishes arising if anyone tried to use aversion therapy. The fetishist's energy has to go somewhere, and removing one set of "symptoms", if that's the right word, would very soon let another set assert themselves.

I'm delighted with the pleasure I get from my own fetishes, and wouldn't want any of them repressed. They're there to be enjoyed!