I Think That I Must Have Lost Some IQ Points!

When I was a kid in both Junior-High and High School, I was tested, and my IQ scores were 165 and 185. I could figure out puzzles and riddles, decipher codes, analyze situations, size up people, and do a plethora of 'brainy' other stuff way back when.

Later, I gave birth to 5 children, and I swear that the majority of my blood went to the fetuses instead of my brain. I'd have momentary 'brain-dead' experiences when I was pregnant, and after the last baby was born, not only was I 'dazed and confused', but my sense of balance had gone to h3ll. Many years later, I took a couple of those online IQ tests, and couldn't score over 145-150 to save my life!

A couple of years ago, I contracted ARDS (Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome... a rare form of pneumonia with a 40-50%
survival rate), and had so little hemoglobin in my blood that the hospital staff had to give me a complete, full change of blood, just to get my oxygenation level up to something acceptable.... This disease was a 'gift' from son my youngest son, who came home with a 'cold' after tramping all over South and Central America.

Anyway, I don't know if it's that lack of oxygen to my brain before and during my 'life support' stay at the hospital, or if they gave me someone's 'stupid blood', because now I can't think my way out of a wet paper bag! The 'retardation' is somewhat irritating at times, but I'm still happy and healthy, so I guess that I should take my current IQ, be grateful to be alive AT ALL, and just shut the frack up!
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do not shut up!

wow that is scary to know that u can catch that from some one who brought it back with them from a different country.... was ur son ok ? im glad to see ur ok ... that sounds like scary stuff ...

My son is fine, but it's taken me a couple of years to recover my mental faculties. The brother of one of my husband's best friends died recently at about 40-years-old from basically the same thing. The disease is still floating around out there!

couple of years ago, I contracted ARDS (Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome... a rare form of pneumonia with a 40-50% gypsy>>> i suffer from respiratory symptoms, scares me to read this...

ARDS... That's exactly what the doctors called what I had contracted, although it can cover a wide range of diseases. RUN, not walk, to the nearest doctor if those symptoms ever kick up on you again! Good luck with your recovery. - Fish

Haha.....you nut! Youare still soooooo bright! Iam thankful you survived the illness scare!

My 1st husband was a bona fide genius, and his common sense was flapping in the wind! Maybe I'm better off this way!...But thanks!... >BIG KISS

Hi dlmolicares!<br />
You may be right about the stres part...I get 'stumped' all of the time when I'm stressed... but I think that I've experienced 'dane bramage' from some of my 'physical adventures!

NO DOUBT! Isnt it a b*tch that you can't solve problems that had such obvious answers before?

Stress can do it too... I tested high a long time ago, harder to get those scores now but also realized I could if I memorized stuff, hence my previous question that you answered for me... thanks!

Thank you for replying! I don't feel like such a freak now!