Anyone Else Solve That Google Riddle To Find The First 10 Digit Prime In E?

If so, how? I hacked my way through it using microsoft excel (cause I'm not a coder) took a few hours but very fun!
dlmolicares dlmolicares
2 Responses May 4, 2012

Will give'er a shot! question was what is the first 10 digit prime located in e<br />
They put it on billboards and it got some national pub (which is when I heard of it)<br />
solved it using excel, took 3-4 hours and persistence to figure it out, fun to do.<br />
I believe their intent was to ID top notch computer programmers to hire at Google, I just happened to figure a way to solve it without coding. first clue if you weren't aware is that e is a never ending number... can give more clues to how I solved it if you want (or care) thanks for replying!!!

Oh I cannot say that i didn't try lol.