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I'm Fascinated By Racism For A Very Simple Reason.

For me, it is incomprehensible.  Not because I think it shouldn't exist for whatever politically correct rubbish that is currently in favour, it changes every week.  What I find facinating is the fact that relatively intelligent people waste their time, thoughts and breath on something so futile.  Trying to label all the hatreds we have for each other as humans is like trying to count the grains of sand on the beach, impossible.  Racism, racial hatred and all that tripe are tremendous wastes of perfectly good lives.  Having someone hate you does not change you.  Much like taking action against someone for hateing you does not change them.  I'm just shocked it exists at all.
cinders88 cinders88 22-25 3 Responses Sep 1, 2010

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hat's like saying why label anything at all...<br />
<br />
that's like saying since there are so many kinds of relationships... I'm shocked the term relationship even exists at all....<br />
racism has affected public policy? yeah sure it didn't change anyone to have crosses burning on their lawns and people openly insult you when you're trying to be as dignified as anybody else.<br />
<br />
<br />
I don't find this very profound at all.. just dismissive

Perhaps profound isn't what the author was going for. Personal belief doesn't have to be profound.

Hate' is a Fear, usually of the unknown......<br />
Hate' will always Discriminate amongst the masses<br />
Sadly, that is the society that we all live in......

completely agree. we are all simply people. if everyone spent half as much time loving as we do hating the world would be a better place.