I Suppose I Could Be Racist

I suppose I have a lot of reasons to hate people in general.  I'm brown and  have been discriminated against on several occasions (thats another story).  However, I simply cannot find the evil inside of me that enjoys being cruel to nice/thoughtful people.  I despise people who abuse children and animals. I hate stupid drivers that have no insurance.  God saw fit to make me brown.  He saw fit to bless others with their own unique color and culture as well.  Who am I to question his knowledge?

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I don't believe that hate ever changes things for the better. I don't believe that hate changes a person's heart for the better or the world as a whole for the better. But sometimes it is very easy to feel hatred.

Thank you Bluebird. I'm so glad you understood.

You expressed a loving story, good for you, I loved what you wrote..

sirblack, I would rather not have a conversation about the existence of God. I know and believe what I believe. I would never argue that you are wrong. Experience has taught me that this conversation is much more irritating than entertaining. I'll gladly go to another experience you want to share but, religion and politics ...a definite no no.

El, I believe that we all have to find the strength inside of us. I was born with quite a few challenges. If I didn't have these struggles I would never have found the strength I need to overcome other aspects of my life.

El...God God only give you what you can handel...He knows your streingth...And the famous That which does not kill you will only make you stronger.<br />
<br />
xx from nana

Amen. God saw fit to give me Manic Depression. It took me to some difficult places. But who am I to question his knowledge?