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By how many people use this out-dated term.  EP is about communication and learning.  I've communicated this idea on EP, in my life, in working with others and now.  THERE IS ONLY ONE HUMAN RACE.  We are referring to bias, prejudice, white or black or brown supremacy errors or supremacy biases.  People will uphold the use of this silly term because, "People know what it means, its a social reality and a way to describe it."  That logic SUCKS. In the face of changing formerly "accepted" terms and phrases such as: the "N" word, "the little woman", "the weaker sex", "sissy"; the word "cretin" even in medical texts to define persons with cognitive disabilities, negro, and a host of others (I'm sure you can come up with some).  How many of you now know what LGBTQ means now, and did not know it one month, one year, one decade ago?  Come on, raise the bar and the operational definition of this issue.  Don't tell me what the history of the term "racism" is.  I've heard these stories and they don't matter right now.  Quit upholding the idea that other humans belong to another "race" by using this antiquated and incorrect term.  We are one species, and one race! 

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Amen hxclove19! I hope we "homo sapiens sapiens" evolve beyond running in packs to feel safe. It takes a while, huh? Take care of yourself.

i agree with you too many people subject everyone to social classes, races, cultures but we are all human beings even in highschool you have the jocks, preps, skaters, goths everywhere you go we all stay divided in what we feel is a safe area where we stay accepted