I Was and Still Am

When I was younger, and sometimes I still do this, I would research racist groups and their symbols and tattoos, call myself educating myself on how to recognize one before I got too close on him.  Skinheads and the Aryan Brotherhood, KKK...all them.  It just fascinates me--their psychology, their hate speech, their leaders, their propoganda, symbols, signs, gatherings.  I don't know exactly why, but it interests me.

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Lol yeah, that's crazy, but I believe it.

When I was little, I remember being in a bar with my dad and there was two guys sitting there talking about a singer named Charlie Pride. The statement that was causing the problem was one of the guys said Charlie Pride was black, they were almost going to fight over it. I was really surprised 2 grown men were going to fight over a guy they liked who was singing a song because he was black.<br />
I remember thinking, that is silly, dogs don't care as long as they are friendly, black dogs, white dogs, brown dogs, I think I am as smart as a dog. That's pretty much been my attitude to it ever since.

Thanks for the comment, koyptakh, but I'm either more tired than I know, drunk and don't know it, or more dense than I thought cuz I...didn't really understand what ya said!! lol....sorry. :)

Hi filthydieseltech<br />
It is interesting. We are evolved beings. We have a mixture of parts. Some of our brain is akin to a crocodile. That thinks of food and sex and territory. There are other parts but you got to learn how to manage the symphony. Be easy and learn - is OK.<br />
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