High School

I was brought up in a Protestant segregated Primary and High School in Northern Ireland, so certain elements of education were omitted, such as Irish history.  So that we could not see what atrocities our ancestors carried out.

Instead we were given lessons in Russian History.  I had never been out of Ireland at this stage, so the dreamer in me, very much was riveted by the unkillable evil monk, who seduced his way into power and the glamour of the Winter Palace, the Revolutions and the mystery of Anastacia.  All very much removed from Loyalists versus Republicans in six tiny counties. 

What we learn at High School that enables us to transcend from our daily lives, I feel sometimes alters the way we think, the world we want to explore.  Hence, I have continued to have my fascination in Russian History, again as with most of my obsessions in art, literature and random movements, my main interest is in the 1890 to 1920s period.

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yeah, imagine me and Arorin, but even more hyper.....those were the days!

She still has a profile, just never on anymore. She was lovely, my partner in crime :(

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