I Knew Someone Who May Be Schizophenic

 An aquaintance of my 2nd profile wrote this (as an a EP story, not privately):


"I had a problems, i explain you, i get crisis every 3 or 5 years separated. This is similar than schizophrenia but it's not the same at all. My psychic doctor said me the real deseas is permanent with the real patients schizophrens. For me it's not the case. I take my treatment every days and it's all right since 5 years. The last crisis, i'd get total control without going to hospital. I'd just take more anti-psychotics drugs and i feld all right, the crisis past. I wish i could be a better person just because i'll be so glad to make a girl happy, bring her a true-realy love , taking care of her, have childs with her, fonded a happy familly. I think it's not gonna be done yet... pehaps in a little time of waiting for."

I'm letting him write to me because this is a support website and I wanted to encourage him to write. I never really wanted him to write TO ME. I just went too far, I  took the advice of other's that "everything happens for a reason" and "people come into our lives for a reason" and "what goes around comes around" too literally, tried to help someone that I can't help.. I want him to share more information with us. I do not understand his problems though. I have no experience with schizophenia. I feel somewhat overwhelmed.

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Thanks Mary. :)<br />
I've had to let him go on his way.. :(

Schizoprenia, is for some a death sentance, for me it has had its problems,but I love who I am, its the world that some would envey to see, but do not envey me,Cause I love all of Gods creation, we all need to know what we are not before we can truely know what we are, all of this has come in steps for me, I did not always have this out look on things, There were many times, when it first started interfearing with my way of life, I was very afraid, I would hide from the world, I just wanted to be normal back then, That was like 29 years ago, now I have come to terms with myself, and as long as I don't try conviseing anyone that what I see is real, I can fuction, just like the rest of you who do not have schizoprenia, I just going on seeing and hearing things others no not hear or see, some times it can be difacult, but I do it every day. I hope that your friend will see that we are safe in here, and we can talk about anything, there are real people in here that really do care, and sometimes we can not help, but we can be a comfort,Love and Light Mary