Burdens Are Only Means Of Finding Freedoms.

Is there only one freedom? Do we only taste enjoyment with time or does enjoyment come within certain times? Does there have to be a bridge or are we just strolling across many at a time? Will it soon be over or will we live on forever? Am i a common denominator or am I to reach my inner self? Touch my soul and see it in front of me reflected back to me as something I could never possibly fathom?

Am I average or less than nothing? Is there higher than the middle way or do we accept routines enshrouded by their pressure of the other parts of our self? They topple one another and never stand a line. It's container is you and although they may keep running and piling and chasing you are the one with the ability to topple. Accept worth and not drag it's remains left by your beating yourself with the patterns of philosophies you so commonly find, pieced together through experience, failure, success and otherwise? Does this sound confusing? Did I beat the brain to its tearing away? Did you manage to successfully go from this page and ignore the reality? You are above that right? You are way above that? Did you manage to produce what others don't? Did you have a hard time? Did we all?

What's life without a test? And a test without a subject? A subject without an environment? An environment without justice? Without meaning? Without purpose? Why marvel if there is no extended value? No appreciation for what you have and don't have? At peace with sin? And what is sin when we don't trust those who tell us it is so? How do we fit the immorality into morality if we are not sure what morality or immorality really is? What is the end product or products?

What is an opinion without bitter criticism and without praise or agree? When does the next human being become as equal as you? How can they be when you do not understand who you are?

What you want and who you are, are two separate things. You have the ability to make your own but your own entirely cannot help you get there. There are many ingredients that help and do not help you have to find the right mixture and you will always need to refer to the self! To the outer! Those around you who you trust, and be neutral to those who you don't.

You decide your steps just remember to take time to undo those knots in the laces from time to time and delve deeper to understand, watch yourself think and watch yourself feel be balanced and never ever put yourself down.

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This is fascinating.