Wisdom of the Ancients

Theology is the science that governs all other sciences.  I liked the movie "Contact" because there was science and there was religion, both supposedly dedicated to truth, or searching for truth. 

Frankly, in both religion and science, I see hypocrisy and deceit.  It doesn't matter what a person believes it is honesty that matters the most. Why should any of us think we are absolutely right when the reality is ... who among us have talked with God... or seen the splitting of an atom. 

Comprehending the universe and its beauty and order the idea of a BIG Bang making it all happen seems an idea that only the mentally impaired would accept.  (No big deal... some religious ideas are equally obnoxious to me.)  That and the scriptures with their knowledge (which I would label "The Wisdom of the Ancients"), and my personal experiences (death is not the end... this I know for myself) tells me God (and I do not think of Him/them in the normal sense) is the true benchmark for us to go by. 

Science, in it's true sense, is absolutely invigorating in the knowledge it brings.  In fact without true scientific principles God and religion cannot be really be fathomed even in the smallest sense.

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It's funny when someone pretends to know firmly that something is or is not true. It shows their arrogance and ignorance like a bright light in a dark room. These type people are a huge problem to society because whatever job they do, whatever they adopt as responsibility, they do so thinking they have the answers to things they do not even begin to understand. They go forth performing subpar actions thinking they are improving the situation. Those that don't know any better see them as successful and they can even climb social ladders, all the while being too ignorant to contribute anything worthy; as a matter of fact, what they contribue, being rooted in arrogance and ignorance, deducts from the success of whatever it is they 'contribute' to. This is why we have cars that waste gas, politicians that commit adultry, companies that fail after three months of lost profits, etc.<br />
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No scholar of the big bang claims that something came from nothing; they claim that it came from a singularity, which they openly admit is a generic term for not knowing what was there to begin with. Certainly something with enough mass to create a black hole is -something-.<br />
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Having been categorized as a cliche by now, the old phrase "you do not accept what you do not understand" is still alive and well.

Nice, but wouldn't judging whether or not the big bang happened be sortof like the same arrogance you speak of? If we don't know what happened, how do we know what did not happen?<br />
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I'm not saying I believe either way; I'm just looking for your response.

we all need to learn all the time .learning is fun.