Intimacy And Reading

My wife is a big reader of romances. My wife and I are not intimate, never have been , Yes, we have occasional sex but it is avery simple act. I believe that she satisfies  her need for intimacy from romantic novels.. I never see her naked or even in panties and bra..  We have sex rarely but she is unemotional when having it . Yet she passes me books to read, bra rippers.  I was taught to treat women well  and I am not a bra ripper.  There is such a difference between what she reads and how her life is.  She was  beaten as a child and made to say that sex was a sin

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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

Hi Anthony, sorry to hear about the lack of emotional connection and intimacy.<br />
There might be many things to try to do together to gain some of that intimacy you both need before you can make sex emotionally meaningful but in the end if the guilt of pleasure from sex is deeply ingrained in her you may both have to seek professional help.<br />
Have you tried something as simple as massaging each other?