I Am Fascinated By Simulated Reality Theories

The philosophy and how stories are applied in Science Fiction. An obvious one to introduce would be the Matrix. This guy (http://www.nickbostrom.com/) is a big contributor to Simulation Theory. Of course there is much more information about the web and the potential is diverse. Another example to use would be the Truman show, different to the Matrix but still a simulated reality where everyone he knows is an actor.

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It is not drug induced, unless chemicals in the brain are released upon entering the state (my suspicion is that some are, indeed, released). It's pretty much a waking sleep-state where you feel as though you really ARE inside another body with other senses. You do not feel your sleeping body as you travel through your "imaginary world." It's really, really interesting, so please, ask any other questions that you have. I'll be happy to answer them.

Sounds pretty cool. Is this drug induced or not drug induced and more of a meditation?<br />
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I try lucid dreaming, which I have had some success so far.

I am also fascinated by such things. I have recently discovered a way to induce a virtual reality-like state in the mind (similar to those places in which comatose individuals retreat to in stressful situations), such that you are in complete control and you feel as though you are literally somewhere else rather than just lying down or sitting in a chair. Your senses are "overlaid" by "imaginary" senses, allowing you to function and perform acts in the "imaginary" world just like moving and acting in this one.