The Soul Exists

After my mother- in-law passed away several years ago from a 6 mo. bed-ridden battle with cancer, I had a dream that she was sitting on the corner of her bed glowing, and smiling.  I went to her and put my hands on her cheeks, saying "your back, thank God your back".  The most incredible amount of serenity and peace energy flowed throughout my entire body.  There really are no words to describe.  Yet, telepathically I knew from her that suicides do not have this after-peace.  (At least, not right away, they must see what they are and have done)  This was absolutely an amazing experience.  I have had several conscious, personal, unexplainable experiences that I believe are "Divine Interventions." 

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1 Response Oct 24, 2008

Wow that's pretty cool! I had a dream about my brother just a couple of months after he passed. It was so vivid I rememember it to this day. He was just standing there surrounded by all this beautiful bright white light. He had on dress pants and a dress shirt. He looked so flawless and perfect! He just looked at me and smiled but he never spoke. It was so real I really felt like he had visited me!