Someone to Meet You On the Other Side

I am fascinated by spiritual experiences as well and enjoyed reading the other story.  I worked as a nurse some time ago and as part of my duties I had to take the pulse and temperature etc for the patients and record the details in the respective charts.  One lady who had come into the ward was very poorly and was in an almost comatosed state however whilst I was taking her pulse she turned round and looked in my direction - she seemed to be focusing on something behind me and she followed it over to the other side of the bed and at that point her pulse faltered!  I immediately went and got the Staff Nurse on the ward saying to her that she better come and see this patient.  The Staff Nurse took one look at the lady and told me to go for my tea break!!  Our tea breaks were 15 mins long and by the time I got back the lady had died.  Although this story is sad the thing I took away from it was that I now believe that someone will always be there for you when you pass over.  That lady saw something / someone and I think it made her passing a peaceful one.

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i also belive we are visited at time of death, .....after seeing my motherinlaw pass ,she was on no morphine ,...but yet kept drifting, bringing past events up, and seeing things that wernt there ,but as she may have been half in this world and half in the next allowed her to see people and things we couldnt perceive! i feel sad but also privelage to no she has now gone home ,to the next step or spirituall level

Many witnesses have come forward with similar stories. Thanks for adding yours.