I'm not a geek, but I am fascinated at how things have changed since I was born.

My Dad always says he wants to catch up with technology, and I suppose it might seem liked a time warp to him with his working with engines.

I need to try to get to terms with how to work things better since I'm a bit of a technophobe.
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Oh, the things you will see in your life time. Technology is moving so rapid that what you purchase today on the self is already obsolete.

I work in IT and while the complexity of the field makes it a daily challenge that never germs boring, I yearn for a low-tech life outside of work... More information drives the brain to the brink of burnout.
What kind of technology do you least enjoy?

I enjoy and use the technology every day. I think cell phones are the most annoying, driving while talking or texting is very dangerous, and I don't care if it's hands free attention is taken away from driving while on the phone. I'm getting to where I hate the damn things, very annoying the way people use them.

I like some of the stuff, but when I was growing up there were no cell phones, no iPods, no email.

Damn, I wonder how I made it this far.