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I attended Lourdes in the 1970's when the use of the belt was rife. In particular, there was a witch called Mullan who belted all the girls in the girl. Does anyone remember this ***** and some of the other belt happy teachers in the school?
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Hastie was a pathetic creep of a man, who dragged his poor family of 12 around in a caravanette.

i went to lourdes at that time, and remember a mr hasti who was handy with the belt

Sounds like a good battery of belts, John. Have you used and felt them all?

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As a new member I guess I should say a bit about myself. I m 43 and at school I was punished a fair bit. In primary school spankings were common. I think this was rare but to me it was not uncommon. As I got older in primary it was the belt more and more. Mainly 2 on each hand. I got that quite a lot. <br />
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I wasnt that bad but you didnt need to do much to get it. In secondary it was the same but we seemed to move from the Lochelly Medium to the Heavy! <br />
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I was never punished at home so all my beltings were in school apart from 1 when I was 13 years old.<br />
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My interest lead me to get 3 belts that interested me from school. a 3 tail light, 2 tail medium and a 3 tail XH.<br />
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Thanks.<br />
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I have a vast collection of school belts collected over the last thirty years and have had the opportunity of using them on willing hands.

Hi folks. New to this site and I didnt go to Lourdes but I did go to another Catholic School where I was belted and am keen to share experiences. I am also keen to find out how girls got on getting the belt and how they felt being called out to the front of the class. I always felt sorry for them. Must have been tuff. I now own 3 Lochgelly straps but they dont get out much. <br />
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Yes Lourdes was a belt happy place. Wonder what Old Mullan is doing now? Went to Lourdes from 1975-1980 and yes was belted by Mullan for being late and other occasions. Cannot say it helped my punctuality much. As Paisley Tawse said, quite often you were kept behind at the gate by Mullan and belted then you were late for the next class and got belted again. However, by and large Lourdes was a fun place to be.

Nice to hear from another old Lourdes pupil. We all left with callused hands though!!

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Fortunately, it was not me who received six from Hastie, it was some other poor lass, who was,I think in third year time at the time, when she was talking and a melee broke out in the dinner queue. Never heard much about the Chemistry teacher Cuddihay giving the belt but it was alleged that he knocked pupils about in the quiet if you got on the wrong side of him.

Your right. i remember a lad in my classs John Storie telling us that Mc Neill in PE and Cuddihay had literally slapped him around. Amazing how we just accepted such practices. Believe it or not I really liked him.

Tawsee1<br />
Nice of you to be concerned, but there is no need. I like possibly you and most of the other people who went to Lourdes did not know any different. I can tell you that Lourdes is a changed school nowadays with great emphasis on pupil and parent involvement which would not have been possible in the days of CP. The teachers of the time had to change or leave and some of them did. Lourdes is apparantly a great school nowadays.

It wasn't that bad even then.
I got out of a school in Govan because of a house move. OMG. I thought the only flavour of crisps you could get there was bostick and your pencil case had protractor, compass and stanley blade.
I often joke to mates that it reminded me of that film by Neil Marshall- Doomsday. Get it out and you'll know what I mean.
Many of my friends now are privately educated(hark at me) and I'm sure they think I am spinning yarns when I recount the occasional tale of St Gerries.

All this is just to say that, by the standards of their time, Lourdes was pretty good. It certainly turned my life around. That having been said - long prison sentences would now be meted out for some of the physical assaults delivered.

Now, onto your post. Typical man, I just had to get the points I wanted out first before responding to others, I ask you.

Hastie giving you, a lass, six of the belt is simple brutality. It cannot be redeemed. How on earth could you take it. I got three once from him. It was after being sent by Mrs Barrett for taking the mick and I was crippled. It must have blistered the softer hands of a girl. I know he had a thick dark brown (?lochgelly xh) which was NOT an allowed strap.He was also very tall, very ugly (with a forehead like doc from back to the future). I'm pretty tough but it was all I could do not to weep. It really shook me up. In fact he was the most feared belter in the school. Cuddihay and Foy came close but they always seemed to have a little humanity and did tailor the punishment to the crime. You always "crapped" yourself when either of those pulled you up. However, it was more often than not that their tongue did the lashing- but still you knew that their ultimate tool of negotiation was nearby! Hastie was a one trick pony &amp; only seemed to communicate through the crack of leather.

How did you hold it together through a punishment of this magnitude? Did you miss the next class? You must have cried publicly. How did you cope with the humiliation?

I know that you, as I, are fascinated by the tawse. Have these experiences engendered in you the desire to receive it again or even to administer the object of your torment on another. Or do you just like to talk through your experiences.

On another note from your post I always thought that the female PE teachers were a nice lot. I must have been persuaded by their omnipresent tennis skirts( in Glasgow- REALLY).

The male ones were distinctly strange. My form and PE teacher was a younger guy and I am now highly suspicious of him. He introduced rules that no one could wear underpants during PE.( Hygiene you realise.)
That was at the time when bun hugging satin shorts were de rigeur in all football strips( I was too young to sport the complimentary perm and moustache). When he punished in the form class it was the tawse or the board ruler. But, in PE it became perfectly acceptable to make us put our hands against the wall bars and tan our backsides with a gym shoe. My god that hurt. I realise that this may stretch your incredulity but that was how he behaved. He either read too much Billy Bunter or he was a danger. I know which opinion I have since discerned.

It would be impolite to enquire, but you really have got some fascinating gossip and detail on the place e.g. PE teacher who left and on Hastie. I wish I still had some contact with the old workhouse, Lourdes.

Tawsee1<br />
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You recall that b****** Hastie do you? Gave this girl six once for talking in the diner queue. The abolition of corporal punishment meant a big change to this apology of a man. I believe he is still teaching at Lourdes. He had 10 plus children which he drove around in an old beat up caravannette. His wife was a poor soul.<br />
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I do not know where you got the impression that PE teachers were a nice lot. They all were quick to dish out the belt if I recall and one of them used to hit you round the legs with a hockey stick- Liddell. She was the one who belted me and my friend. There was one young teacher, an Eileen Fox, who the boys used to oggle, she was at Lourdes only for one year- 1977-1978.<br />
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She like the others was quick of the mark to get the belt out mostly for forgetting PE kit, She lives in Spain now and apparantly claims that she was pressurised into using the belt by the management and this was one of the reasons why she left.<br />
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Around that time, there was a young probationer at Lourdes that did not get a full-time contract because she had never used her belt and when asked why she said that she did believe in corporal punishment. (Source: TES)

Paisleytawse . I am a little worried for you. This all seems to have been quite traumatic for you and has left you with some anger about the whole system. I long since let go of all that and forgot the bad elements.
It is true that I would rather not be so fascinated so much by the strap- It is hardly intimate first date conversation!. yes they made me this way but stuff them.
If you ever want to talk let me know.

Ill post again later regarding your post. I just wanted to express my support in this few mins I have spare.

I've started a new thread on the life impact of the tawse if you would like to check it out.

Tawsee1<br />
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That is certainly not Mullen, she was an old witch who looked like a stork. The lady in the clip is certainly not like that but I wish I looked like her and had her figure.

Sorry about that I tried to leave a longer reply last night twice but the site repeatedly seized up.
I ran out of patience and dropped in the quicky.
I hope you saw the humourous side.!
No. I remember mullen as extremely skinny with salt and pepper hair, She was another one who liked wearing an academic gown if I remember properly.
How unfair of mullen to give you a doubler- I thought that that was reserved for boys.
The irony was that despite being a slight lady she had a reputation even amongst the boys of being a fierce belter- Not Hastie class you know, but impressive enough.

It really must have stung your soft hands. Can you remember how bad it was.

Im interested in your subsequent leathering by the PE teacher. They always seemed a nice lot . That having been said I saw Mrs Armstrong punish a few girls for no kit . Was she responsible for you

Is this you and Miss Mullen at the gates??<br />
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Hi Tawsee1

Thanks for reminding me of that clip. In the full clip the girl gets 6, and there is another clip where she gets 6 from a heavier tawse.

I actually picked that one up by accident last night searching for this site on google. Im never one to miss an opportunity and I thought it would give paisleytawse a laugh. I have no idea what the original movie was. Do You?

Hi Tawsee1. Sorry for the slow reply, but I just picked up on this thread again today. These were just short clips that were made for Miss Ebb's website a few years ago now.

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As far as I am aware, the belt was no longer used in Lourdes or any other Glasgow School for that matter after the summer of 1982. I left Lourdes at the end of fifth year in the summer of 1979. The worse day, I remember for getting the belt was in third year in May, I recall it was quite warm. Myself and 3 friends had gone home for lunch we lived in Penliee. We could have probably walked it but we decided to wait for the bus at the corner of Sandwood Road and Paisley Road West. The bus took ages to arrive and by the time it passed Berryknowes Road, we could already hear the bell ringing. We knew we were for it and at the gate was "The Stock" - Mullen. We were told to stand beside the other later comers. The rest of the school were filed in and then Mullen, the old *****, started to dish out the belt. There were 8 of us in total and I was around 5th in line. By that time, she had got into a bit of rythmn and it was really sore, one on each hand. Myself and one of my friends were due to go to P.E. and by the time we got to the class everyone had changed into their P.E. kit. The teacher saw us come into the changing room and told us that our late coming was not acceptable and we received another 2 of the belt from her. Being belted for being late for class was another common occurence at Lourdes and this fortunately was the only time I recall getting a double dose for being late to school although I did get belted by Mullen on other occasions for being late as you said I cannot recall anytime being my fault. I tried to give myself plenty of time to get to school.

Hi tawsee<br />
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when did you leave Lourdes? I take it you are male, do you remember the belt being used on many females like Angela getting the belt? Do you remember the mad cow, Doherty, who often belted complete classes? Do you remember getting the belt in the yard for being late?

Sorry I have to re register for unknown reasons but spot the similarity- Sadly I have no access to my PMs etc-boo.
Yes I am male. I left lourdes in the early eighties after 6 unforgettable years.
While in terms of numbers boys were more regularly belted it was not uncommon to hear of a female belting.
Female beltings tended to be more discrete and often ended in tears but there were several vintage moments when I witnessed senior girls in the co -ed streamed classes being tawsed. These have affected me through the years! Such events always brought a hush to the whole class and represented the highest drama.

I even witnessed the blue haired maths harridan that was Miss Doherty belting a younger lass in the maths room as we filed in for our period. A mere 2 rather feeble strokes ensued. I remember the ginger lass weeping but I think it was more from fright and sheer mortification than pain. Old Miller who was taking over intervened saying he thought that Miss Doherty had really taught her a lesson and that we should all watch out. What a nice man he was- playing to her ego while ending the ordeal for that poor lass.

Having thought about it i can clearly recall seeing Girls belted publicly by Cuddihay, Old Kerr, Miss Smith, Miss Morrow, Miss Kerr, Miss Crawford, Classics Herridge, Miss Armstrong PE, Mrs Bowman and Mullen. There were others but my memory fails me for names. Many of these made a better show of it than Doherty. So I guess in reality it was quite common.

Perhaps such recollections would be worthy of another thread.

And yes I remember getting belted at the Gate for late coming- It was awful on a cold morning. It really got my goat- how could I be responsible for the bus breaking down. Alas you girls got it round the corner at Kirriemuir so I always missed it!!

What of yourself?- Can you recall walking to the front of the class and raising your crossed hands? Maybe I even witnessed it!

I too was often belted at lourdes. <br />
As a consequence It has left me with a lifelong powerful but discrete and controlled fascination with teachers who use the belt. <br />
On too few occasions I have both wielded a strap on a willing partner and also recollected the sting myself.<br />
<br />
2 main types of experience<br />
1. The hateful strapping by sadists such as Kerr in Music, boring ineffectual strapping by the inept such as Bowman in English( god she had a little lochgelly pocket sewn into her academic gown- yes gown). Still she couldn't draw the strap to save herself. Mullen was a dried out old stick and I wouldnt have enjoyed being belted by her.<br />
2. On the other side of the coin was witty, humorous and admirable ladies such as Miss Bollen, Miss Smith and Miss Mullen who were good fun to be around and quite inspirational... Yet one word out of place and you would be facing the blackboard listening to see if the drawer was being opened. 50:50 you would turn around either to be lectured or to see the tawse carefully doubled over in their hands. In that case up went your crossed hands. Quick check to see if you were mercifully getting the handle(mercy) or thonged (aghh) end and try to take it like a man. <br />
Yet as quick as it was done and had your mini lecture it was over( apart from the white hot hands of course) I even remember Miss Smith once asking me on the way to another Highers class-yes I was 17!! if I was going to be OK.. I ask you!!<br />
Is it any wonder I would dearly love to meet these fine ladies again.

To tawsemaker how do you know Mrs. Hogan?

Mrs Hogan- Slim and elegant. Geography I recall. She occasionally placed her lightweight black corporation strap on her desk to remind us to buck up our ideas but I never saw her use it. mores the pity.
May I enquire the connection?

Hi tawsee. Thanks for getting back to me with a reply. There is no real connection. Like you, I have a discrete and controlled fascination with teachers who use/used the belt. Mrs Hogan is someone I know to have taught at Lourdes, but not if she used the belt, and I would not just ask her in conversation. We stay in the same area I did reply to Paisleytawse in a private post.

Does anyone remember a Mrs Hogan from Lourdes, and if so, did she belt?

Hi All<br />
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Watched Neds the other night and the school being used was Lourdes. The producer/actor, Peter Mullan, went to Lourdes and if you have seen the film you will understand how extensively the belt was used in Lourdes at that time.

Hi Kiltie<br />
by and large most of the pupils enjoyed their time at Lourdes. Getting the belt was part of the school day, we did not know any different. Most of the female teachers who used the belt continually were single. They obviously did not know anything about children or know how to handle kids.

Hi Robert<br />
When did you go to Lourdes? Was it in the seventies? Do you remember Mullen lining up the girls at the gate. I do not know if you remember one incident in 1978 just before the highers when 4 - fifth former of my friends were lined up by Mullen and belted at the gate for being late after lunch. Mullen would make you wait until the school had gone in. The witch lectured for ages and then gave them 4 each I think and then lectured them again after she had belted them. The girls were in the top classes and Mullen went on and on about that and interestingly enough it had an effect on their results, one of my friends got 8 "A"s for O grades and then after this only 2 Bs and 3 Cs.<br />
Often after being belted by Mullen at the gate, you would get another dose from the class teacher as you would be late for their class.