Sexual Element To Getting The Belt

Is there a sexual element to getting the belt, or is it just me?

When I was at secondary school I hated getting the belt from male teachers (and not just because of the pain, the very thought of it made me feel sick to the stomach, even if it wasn't very painful), and was always fascinated by the thought of being belted by the females, especially the young, pretty ones.

I often wonder if some teachers (such as the one mentioned by Angela) "had a thing" about the belt.  I attended secondary school in the East End of Glasgow and two teachers come to mind.  (Ironically they married each other).  One was a male teacher who, if he found he'd belted a pupil in error, used to atone for this by allowing the pupil to belt him back (although I was never in this teachers classes, it would seem that this only ever happened with female pupils).  The other was a young (fairly attractive but rather plump) female cookery teacher.  Whilst many teachers only had one belt, and a few two (usually a black three tail local authority strap and a brown two tail Lochgelly strap), this Lady had five.  Our class had her for registration and being a cookery class it didn't have desks and we sat on the cupboards around the room, I was positioned at the side of her desk and so could clearly see the conents when the drawer was opened.  I'm not sure why she even needed all these belts as I only ever seen her use two.  She once belted a second year girl in front of us (an all boys third year class) with a three tail Glasgow belt.  The girl concerned did not object to being belted in front of us, in fact she seemed to be playing up to it, first putting her hands up too high (for the small teacher), and then too low when the teacher told her to lower her hands.  Although she was in tears at the end (she was given three of the belt) it didn't stop her smiling to her admiring audience.  This was the only time I seen her use this belt.  On all other occasions she used a stiff two tail brown belt which didn't fold or droop and could be held horizontally by the handle.

I fell foul of her of her on one occasion (I was innocent as it happens).  If you were excused from school early for any reason you had to leave by the main gate only and the cookery block was close to a convenient side gate (which wasmore convenient for the vast majority of pupils).  I was in fourth year at the time and she grabbed me by the shoulders and told me to report to her after school.  I knew this was for the offence of leaving school by the wrong gate but wasn't worried as I had not left school early the previous day and could easily prove it.  I duly reported to her and tried to explain but she was having none of it.  My sense of injustice would not let go and I kept arguing until she said I'd just earned myself four of the belt, instead of the usual two.   She opened her drawer and I noticed her usual, stiff strap was missing, she remembered that she lent it to another teacher who hadn't returned it and sent me to fetch it "and don't fold it" (I'd often heard this said when any pupil was sent to borrow it from our registration class).  The teacherconcerned had gone for the day and I thought that she'd just belt me with one of her other belts (perhaps giving me six to make up for the difference between the belts).  Instead she told me to report to her at registration the next morning.

Part of me dreaded this and at the same time I found myself excited by the prospect.  I knew her regisration class was (ironically) a third year girls class and realised I had to try to take my punishment without crying or I'd be subject to a great deal of ridicule.  I duly reported to the class the next morning to find she'd called in sick, and a young supply teacher was in her place.  When I asked for Miss ******* the supply teacher explained this and asked if there was anything she could do to help me.  Part of me wanted to say "well, she was going to give me four of the belt, so perhaps you'd like to" but more than likely she would have sent me to the principal teacher so I simply said I'd wait until Miss *******'s return.  She was off work for three weeks and obviously forgot the whole thing but until the day left school was worried she'd remember and punish me in front of a girl's class.
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in the case of my male partner n I there is sexual pleasure from the use of the tawse..pain if administered corectly can be a real turn on for us both. Many a time he has shot his load while getting it

I never got excited over the belt. It was the strap that excited me. It made me hard! Or at least until it was applied to my bottom. Lol After a good strapping I would go look at my bottom in the mirror and admire the dark red glow. :) When my friends would talk of spankings I always felt proud to say I got the strap.

A normail school day back then!!!

When I was about 10 I was very proud of being able to cough and belch simultaneously. It took a lot of practice to learn the trick and made a horrible noise:) <br />
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One day I did it during school dinner and was collared by one of the nuns. I had never been taught by her but knew she had the reputation of giving the most painful punishment of any teacher with the strap. However, when I reported to her she told me that she was letting me off because she could not find the strap! <br />
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My first thought was that she had decided to let me off, but wanted to scare me enough that I would behave in future. Then I thought that maybe she really had lost it – I just felt contempt. <br />
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Whatever actually happened, in the years since then I have often fantasised about what might have happened:)

At the school I attended, female teachers did no belt male pupils (and vice versa) probably a localised unwritten rule. Female teachers always sent boys to a male colleague to be belted when necessary.