School Days

For those of you who do not know, the Lochgelly belt (or tawse or strap) is a thick piece of leather, about 2 feet long and cut into 2 or 3 tails at the business end, and was used in schools in Scotland for corporal punishment.

I moved to Scotland with my family from England as a boy and can remember the first time I saw the belt being used.  It was only one stroke but something caught my attention and I have been fascinated ever since.

I decided I had to try if for myself and so I deliberatly misbehaved, thereby earning punishment.  I was called to the front of the class, told to hold my hands out and the belt, a Lochgelly H weight, came down on my hand and instantly warmed it up.  It was only the one stroke this time, but more would come at other times.

I was only about 9 or 10 but I remember being excited by the whole situation and looked forward to the next time.

The belt was not used excessively at the school, so it was always a treat when it became necessary for it to be used.  I remember 2 friends coming back to the classroom after being belted by another teacher.  I'm not sure how many they had received but you could tell that it had been painfull by the way they tucked their hands under their arms.  There always seemed to be a general interest when the belt was used, but I always found it exciting.  That teacher was very good at giving a belting as I found out to my cost about a year later.  After I had received a couple from him I really knew what getting the belt was all about.  It just gave me more to look forward to the next time.

Now I am older, I wish that I had had more instances of being belted.  I also wonder what it feels like to use a Lochgelly belt on someone else.  I have tracked a few down over the years and sometimes I get them out and just look at them, sometimes even trying to use one on myself but that is not really very satisfactory.

Does anyone else share this fascination?

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I get so sexcited... just spanking a nice plump ***.... and hearing my bad bois moan...and cry out...mmm

I was bad enough being punished in school... in our school it was wit a razor strap on the hands...3 on each... but my parent had no sympathy either.... when I got home I was bent over bare assed and recieved double the total strokes with dads belt

Hi Umbroboy, would love to relive schooldays of getting the belt , that unique sensation it imparts and the feeling of not knowing what to do with your hands afterwards. Then looking at the imprints the tails have left on your palm. Would return the favour.

Hi Umbroboy.I have never had the tawse at school as it was not used in South Africa.The cane was the instrument used and I had many cuts with the cane over my tightly stretched pants when I bent for my caning. It stung terribly but also felt nice and warm afterwards. I used to go to a mirror at home after a caning and examine my buttocks to see the results which were usually dramatic. Even now many years later I still have the odd caning from a friend as it has grown with me over the years.

I felt the Lochgelly across my hands quite a few times. It wasn't at school where the cane was used, but at home where my father, who was a Scot, would use it. The tawse he used had been used on him by his father so was something of a family heirloom! A couple of times I got it across my backside but mainly it was on my hands. I'd have to hold out my hands, one supported by the other, and would get as many strokes as necessary (usually 3 but sometimes more) and then get told to swap hands and give the same on the other. It hurt alot and it took alot of willpower to not move your hand out of the way (the penaly for doing so being that he started again from the beginning). It was much more painful than being caned across the hand, althought he cane was more painful it it caught your fingers. If i had bene particularly bad or disrespectful I'd get topped and tailed: tawsed on each hand and then the total number of strokes given with a cane to the posterior. Odd to think that was once perfectly legal!!

I wwould love to have<br />
My fantacy... would be for some one to use it on my butt.<br />
I used to get the belt on my *** when I was in my teens. the best part though... was after... when I got sent to my room after punishment... first thing I did every time... was **** off...mmmmmm