its one of my fascinations and i take this very seriously. i want to be a paranormal investigator. i find what the people on tv do to be exciting. everyone thinks the stuff isnt real. i know it is..i want to experience further into paranormality. I am Wiccan and currently working on getting a demonic spirit to talk and to leave my house
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how strong is he

I handle demons for a living as a demonologiest/Wicca/ Pyshic/Medium <br />
and demons are nothing to play with're gonna find yourself in over your head <br />
if you choose to e connected to it

i dont want to be connected to it. i just want it to go away.

You may not exactly like what the demon has to say love. But yes I highly suggest you rid him of your home immediately, considering you're about to have a little one. : ) Just be strong, and focus on good energies, not the bad ones and you should be able to over come it no problem.

thank you honey